Best Value ID Card Printers
When looking for the best value in an ID card printer, make sure you consider the following:

  • Quality and durability

  • Speed of work

  • Customized functions

  • Machine warranty and after-sale care

  • Price

The only similar function all these printers have is the ability to print an ID card. It’s in their differences you will see which one is right for you. 

Zebra ZC100 Quikcard Bundle

The Zebra ZC100 is simple to operate as a plug and play device. The printer can fit anywhere because of its slim design. It is protected with an advanced security feature that prevents unauthorized use. The software is intuitive, eliminating almost all manual interventions when used. The process is dynamic, allowing preview before printing, simple to complex ID designs, and integration with other data types such as Excel. The camera, meanwhile, is high definition and can capture up photos to 5 megapixels.

Fargo HDP5000

Fargo guarantees a high caliber ID card because of its one-of-a-kind printing technology. This printing technology makes the ID card durable, tamperproof and dynamic. The HDP5000 is affordable because it is built with a modular set-up where you can purchase the basic set-up initially and then add other features later. It has dual printing ability. This printer is also designed to print 150 cards per hour. The warranty is three years for every component and one year of free loaner support.

Pointman Nuvia

The Pointman Nuvia can print on 800 monochrome cards and 200 color cards in one hour. The design is very sleek to fit all types of spaces. Allows single and dual sided printing. It has a manual card slot for single jobs and an ATM-style card feeder too. This printer offers a five-year warranty and great value.

Zebra ZXP Series 7

The Zebra ZXP Series 7 uses near-photographic print technology and ensures vibrant color depth. It works on edge-to-edge printing without compromising the ID, as the laminator protects the whole structure. Not only is it a fast printer but also does three jobs at a time: encoding, printing and laminating. It’s almost a hands-free job. It can connect with other systems and networks to make any printing process easy. 

Evolis Primacy

The Evolis Primacy’s eco-design makes it stand out from the rest. Recycled materials were used to manufacture the printer, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions during transport and packaging. It has built-in standby mode set up to reduce electric consumption. These reductions of power do not limit the printer in performing, though. It can still print with speed without compromising quality.
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