Top ID Card Printers of 2019
Whether you deal with a student body at a college or a university or run a business, photo identification of all involved individuals is essential. There are several ID card printers available in the market. Here are the top five ID card printers right now. Let's review.

  1. Zebra ZC100

If you are intending to upgrade your ID card printer, Zebra’s collection is amazing. The Zebra ZC Series printers provide high quality identification cards, with budgeted price and better performance. 

ZC100 was mainly designed for basic level card printing. It can print up to 150 full color or almost 700 monochrome one sided ID cards in an hour with 300 dpi high resolution that is highly professional. You can also add magnetic strip encoder and Ethernet options to make it more functional and effective. 

  1. Fargo HDP5000

HDP5000 has superior print quality, higher reliability and durability, greater security - your photo ID cards will have all these qualities when you print and encode them with the affordable and versatile HDP5000 ID Card Printer. Fargo Dual Sided ID card printers provide highly professional membership tags in just a little time. Fargo’s all-in-one option offers an onboard camera for easy to use visual customization, while being able to accommodate the thickness of cards between nine to 40 millimeters. It’s features include energy-efficient design, automatic ribbon detection and durable construction.

  1. Pointman Nuvia N20

The Pointman N20 provides outstanding edge-to-edge high quality ID card printing. It has a built-in one sided hopper capable of an easy batch of 100 ID cards. It can also print your card in an easy ATM style card feeder. Compact and lightweight, the pointman N20 provides the delivery of vibrant, sharp, and vivid color professional looking ID cards. The easy to use card printer gives you the ability to enhance the impact of your ID card designs through amazing colors and quality printing. 

  1. Zebra ZXP Series 7

Zebra ZXP is considered one of the fastest and the most reliable ID cards printers that provides high end photo like cards for huge applications. Utilizing The most current technology in ID card printing, ZXP Series 7 offers high-quality, high-volume card printing in no time. It’s features include dual-sided printing, dye sublimation technology, 12 seconds full card printing speed, 250/250 input and output hopper with two years warranty. It is mainly designed for high-volume ID card printing that comes with magnetic stripe encoding. It also has a Kensington physical lock for your card’s security. 

  1. Evolis Primacy

The Evolis Primacy is considered among the fastest ID card printers on the market. The printer can easily print up to 210 double sided color ID cards in an hour. It comes with a 100 input and 100 output hopper. These card hoppers enable you to print a huge volume of cards without any need to put each card into the printer one by one. 
Evolis primacyFargo hdp5000Pointman nuvia n20Zebra zc100Zebra zxp series 7

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