Zebra TrueColor i Series 800015-440 Ribbon Review
The Zebra 800015-440 YMCKO Ribbon not only delivers the needed convenience in usage, but also is one great ribbon in terms of technology.

Zebra printers require special Zebra ribbon for delivering the needed performance. The Zebra ribbons enhance the power of these printers and enables them to print 200 brilliant colored images using a single ribbon.

The complete set of the printer:

To deliver the desired result to the users, the printer is well-equipped with the following items:

  • 1 resin panel which is black in color

  • YMCKO full color

  • Cleaning roller

  • Fitting ribbons with ID card printers: P310i, P320i, P330i, P420i, P430i along with P520i

The printer is capable of printing 200 colored images using one ribbon. But you must make sure that you are using only the genuine Zebra ribbons for getting the desired quality and reliability when it comes to the final outcome.

Detailed information on the product:

The printer has taken over the market with its amazing features. As mentioned, the printer delivers the best results when it is used with genuine Zebra ribbons.

The available ribbons are used to print images in different varieties of colors. The following Zebra ribbons which make the image look vibrant are:

  • Yellow (Y)

  • Magenta (M)

  • Cyan (C)

  • Black (K)

  • Overlay (O)

The additional feature of overlay (O) is basically used to provide an additional layer of protection to the card. This protection on the card helps the card maintain its quality before, during and after the printing process. This ensures that the user will only get sufficient quality of image print using this Zebra 800015-440 YMCKO Ribbon.

Why should you use this printer?

This becomes an important question when you have so many options on the market. Here are the reasons we like this printer.


  • High speed: You can be absolutely sure of getting a faster card printing process using this printer. If you need to print a lot of ID cards, you know exactly which printer to choose.

  • Advanced technology: This printer makes use of advanced technology of using the ribbons for printing the ID cards, images, etc. This modern technology ensures the desired results without any hassles.

  • Cost effective: As the printer is capable of printing 200 images using one ribbon. You tend to save quite a bit when the need is to print a large number of cards. The same ribbon can be used for printing cards in bulk.

  • Easy to use: This goes without saying. This printer can be effectively used even by beginners for all kind of purposes.


This is the complete package for all your ID card printing needs.
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