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Card Exchange Basic Edition Package and installation
  Designer Entry Premium Ultimate
Setup program on CD x x x x
Multilingual(15 languages) x x x x
On-line manual x x x x
License on USB dongle - O O O
Tools and functionality
WYSIWYG Card Designer x x x x
Front and back print management x x x x
Text, image, barcode, RTF and graphical objects x x x x
Transparency x x x x
Shrink text to fit functionality x x x x
Easy object selection in object tree view x x x x
Style editor for flexible text formatting x x x x
Formatting of numbers, dates and Boolean values x x x x
Support of all Windows fonts x x x x
Importing photos and images x x x x
Automatically resizing of large images x x x x
Photo cropping/editing (Image Exchange) x x x x
Using variables and functions x x x x
Windows-based printer support x x x x
Ribbon interface (selectable, Classic or Ribbon) - x x x
Card front and back side preview in main window - x x x
Multiple card-layout coupling - x x x
Twain image acquisition - x x x
Exporting photos - x x x
Batch printing - x x x
Variable images - - x x
Support of Storage Items - - x x
Reporting number of printed cards per card layout - - x x
Add visible notes to card layout - - x x
Export card layouts to image files - - x x
Flexible acquisition of image - - x x
Image tools selectable by source - - x x
Advanced photo options - - x x
Copying and pasting photos - - x x
Video-for-Windows image acquisition - - x x
Shortcut bar for direct printing to multiple Windows printers - - x x
Advanced group and user login management - - x x
Support of Card Exchange modules - - x x
CSV and MS Excel file connection with live adding records (OleDB) - x x x
Automatically generate unique keys for MS Excel and CSV files - x x x
Global counters - x x x
Setting steps in Global counter - x x x
Storing photos as point to image - x x x
Dockable windows for database editing - x x x
Easy searching for names - x x x
Manual entry of data not available in the database - x x x
Automatic backup and recovery of metadata - x x x
Database-connection wizard - x x x
Encrypted storage of database user names and passwords - x x x
MS Access database connection (OleDB) - - x x
  Designer Entry Premium Ultimate
Storing photos in the database - - x x
Advanced database filter functionality - - x x
Definition of named filter buttons - - x x
Advanced record sorting facilities - - x x
Connecting to an internal view or query - - x x
Database edit options (acquire /new record, etc) - - x x
Select values from drop-down boxes in database edit window - - x x
Defining whether fields in the database are editable and visible - - x x
Native connections with MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL - - O x
ODBC support - - O x
Caché database support via ODBC - - O x
Multiple Database Server connections (push and pull) - - O x
Auto-print server - - O x
Facefind® face recognition. Automatically crop photos - - O x
Canon camera control support - - O x
Magnetic Encoding        
Encode track 1, 2 and 3 x x x x
Contactless Encoding
MIFARE® Classic 1K, 4K, MAD 1, and MAD 2 - - O x
HID Proximity Read - - O x
Encoding on External Readers - - O x
External functions
Coupling to external dll's with customized logic - - O O
Encoding of smart cards by means of external program - - O O
Encoding of iClass cards by means of external program - - O O
Available Modules

  • Databases

  • Contactless encoding Facefind®

  • Automatically face recognition and cropping


  • Windows XP with SP 1, Vista

  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher

  • PC-bound licenses (web activation)

  • Dual Core, 1024 Mb (advice)

  • 200Mb of free disk space

Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 (included with installer) Protected by SafeSign
Functionality available in this edition x      
Functionality is not available in this edition -      


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