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Screen Check Polaroid Commercial ID Systems
North America

CardCoach NET Service Bureau CardsOnline Service Bureau for Resellers
CardCoach Net is a service bureau implemented through the web or an Intranet. Your customer manages the entire ID program with a web browser by modifying/ adding/deleting database records, and creating custom card layouts through our intuitive flash designer. The reseller simply creates a customer user account within their reseller ¿silo¿ and no hardware purchase is required by the customer because cards are printed in the reseller¿s service bureau or at ScreenCheck¿s production facility. Reseller¿s can have unlimited customers and each customer has its own card layouts, database (customized viewable fields), and login credentials with varying user permissions which protects end user data. Create Customer accounts online and print cards in reseller facility Additional features include uploading data from a text file or Excel spreadsheet, and a batch upload of photos. Getting started with an ID program has never been easier or less expensive. Profitably sell employee Photo IDs to even the smallest companies which dramatically grows the ID market for resellers. The human labor and card management is done by the customer. Print jobs are delivered to the resellers print queue, and are processed with the click of a button. Choose to pass large print jobs to ScreenCheck¿s card production facility if the job is too large for the reseller. The CCNET system is hosted by ScreenCheck North America and requires no hosting services from resellers or customers.

  • Complete web-based system

  • Intuitive flash card designer

  • End users manage data

  • Compatible with auto-crop IntelliTWAIN camera

  • Unlimited number of customers

  • Customer defined DB & layouts

  • Unlimited number of concurrent users

  • Admin parcel to manage customers

Polaroid P4000E


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