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eLoyal The IDeal customer solution

eLoyal is the ideal customer loyalty solution and a modern alternative to vouchers, coupons, and tickets. eLoyal increases customer retention and spending at participating stores. It provides flexibility for customers by allowing instant redemption of accumulated points.

Our solution has all the features required to manage customer data and send periodic reports. The software is scalable from a single-store usage to multiple stores spread across various locations. It could also be effectively used in large malls where multiple retailers join together to implement a customer loyalty program. eLoyal works as a customer relationship management system by enabling personalized promotions and greetings that are sent to targeted customer segments.

Loyalty points are loaded onto the smart card through the e-500 terminal based on rules associated with the purchase value at the retail outlet. These points are redeemed instantly at an associated store dependent on the retailer reward program. All terminals are connected to the central server using TCP-IP or modem connectivity. The transaction details are uploaded to the back office and reports are generated using various criteria.  


Reports with Customizable features:

  • Members report

  • Cards report

  • Card holder history report

  • Detailed points report

  • Points summary report

  • Points accumulated report

  • Points redeemed report

  • Product analysis report

  • Accumulation business rules report

  • Redemption business rules report

  • Terminal business rules

  • Member analysis report

  • Blacklisted cards/members report

  • Instant redemption of loyalty points

  • Portable data with high card security

  • Offline transaction authentication

  • Lost and stolen card listing

  • Multiple card category support

  • User definable formulas for accumulation and redemption

  • Terminal based and PC based modules

  • Card issuance

  • Single pass encoding and printing

  • Easy to implement back end system


  • ODBC to SQL, Oracle, Sybase and Access data bases

  • XML data exchange and interfaces


  • One Store Loyalty

  • Multi-Store, Multi-Location Loyalty

  • Mall based Loyalty

  • Multi-Mall based Loyalty


  • Contact and contactless card support

  • TCP-IP, RS232 and Modem interface

  • Key pad and LCD with backlight

  • Built-in receipt printer

  • Internal ARM processor

  • 4 MB memory

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