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Gen2 encoding
Long-range ID card reading relieves congestion by identifying, validating or counting multiple people simultaneously, which also enables the use of larger exits and entryways. Extended range is also beneficial when the reader can¿t easily be installed at the desired read point, or when it is advantageous to identify a person before he or she reaches a specific location such as the PASS Card program. When a PASS Card holder reaches the line¿s front, his picture is displayed on the border control officer¿s computer screen from the Ultra High Frequency read that occurs from several feet away. The photo provides another form of identification for when validating the cardholder¿s credentials. Parking gates are common examples of convenient long-range reading. UHF ID cards or parking passes raise gates without drivers stopping to swipe. Identifying people using long range technology

Extended-range identification monitors an area to count attendees or analyze traffic flow.Gen 2 readers are commonly used to monitor zones for security and asset management applications. When a Gen2 tagged item leaves or enters a read zone, the action is recorded, and systems issue alerts if asset movement is suspicious or outside of guidelines. Gen2 commonly tracks laptops, servers, and other IT assets with zone monitoring to leverage processes that ehance asset tracking and optimize employee efficiency. Utilizing Gen2 on items and ID cards enables accurate, unattended dispensing of tools, equipment , and other assets while also providing automated check-in/checkout procedures.

For high-security access control, combine long-range contactless ID, biometrics, and video surveillance and other technologies to create layered protection.

The same application principles apply to evnvironments where administrators desire accurate, real-time information defining where people are located within building. These environments include hospitals, assisted living residences, schools, daycare centers ,and other facilities where administrators are responsible for the custody and safety of residents, patients, visitors, and guests.

Example: Schools use Gen2 staff and student ID cards to automate attendance that saves time by eliminating manual attendance systems.

Encode Cards for Long-Range Reading

Better range and speed improves most identification processes, but Gen 2 ID cards are especially beneficial when organizations want to:

  • Relieve congestion or enable identification where it isn¿t practical to install a short-range reader

  • Conveniently support a second form of identity validation, such as facial recognition

  • Provide high throughput entry/exit for convenience and crowd control

  • Automatically monitor specific zones and areas Associate people with assets

Gen 2 technology is the technology behind some of the largest, highest profile and most secure ID card programs in the world. For example, Gen 2 RFID is used in the U.S. government¿s PASS Card program to replace traditional passports to improve the security and convenience of border crossings, and in potentially millions more state-issued driver¿s licenses. Gen 2¿s range and fast identification capabilities are applicable and beneficial for ID card applications. Gen 2 range and speed eliminates the need for single-file, one-at-a-time card reads. Groups of people can move through large, open entry and exit points, rather than having to pass through narrow doorways, gates or turnstiles. Gen 2 technical capabilities also support many new processes that can improve security and convenience.

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