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Screen Check Polaroid Commercial ID Systems
North America

Utilizing the RapIDtrack software paired with a card reader, pin pad, or even via a manual look-up; the complete system identifes individuals, defnes eligibility/privilege criteria, and qualifes and tracks any activity.

Increase SECURITY and SAFETY. IDENTIFY and allocate resources MONITOR attendance and REWARD frequent participation. GATHER demographic and statistical DATA.



Educational Campuses, Correctional Institutions, Athletic Venues and Sports Clubs: to name a few, are all benefting from our RapIDtrack System. This system is100% confgurable by user and location and operates on almost any PC/Laptop based environment. It easily integrates with other database tables, or create a new table. Being 100% user defned, the system can be confgured diferently at each location based on the specifc user needs during each event. Customers praise the red/green display which instantly provides a pass / fail visual cue.

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