Evolis TTR201BBH-M Tattoo2 Rewrite Mag USB & ETHernet

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Evolis TTR201BBH-M Tattoo2 Rewrite Mag USB & ETHernet


You can deliver a new card anytime

it is required! The erase/write cycle

is extremely fast and you can erase,

encode, and reprint new data in a

matter of seconds.

A cost-efficient solution

This revolutionary rewritable technology

requires no ribbon, which translates

into valuable savings. No need to throw

away your cards each time you need an

update: erase and reprint only updated

data on your existing card!


Tattoo RW adheres to sustainable

development. It uses rewritable cards

and requires no ribbon: Tattoo RW

helps you reduce your environmental


Data updates

Now with Tattoo RW, data encoded

on magnetic stripes or on contactless

chips can also be displayed and updated

on the card surface. For example,

loyalty points can be printed on a card

and updated at each checkout.

Plas-Tech Resources, Inc. is an authorized Evolis reseller specializing in ID card printing products. We guarantee that our  Evolis TTR201BBH-M Tattoo2 Rewrite Mag USB & ETHernet are genuine Evolis Printers, are properly stored, and are always 'fresh' working.We have been in business for over 30 years and are always looking to building a business relationship with our customers.  

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