Evolis R5F009NAA UcYMCK (Uc=Unichroma™) Color Ribbon for PC cards - 200 prints / roll

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Description: Unichroma™ ribbon / Print polycarbonate cards with direct-to-card printers

Polycarbonate cards are ideal for applications where longevity and higher security is mandatory. Used in Evolis Primacy Lamination and Core printers, the Unichroma™ ribbon provides a cost-saving solution for your highly secure cards.

Durability & printing quality

The Unichroma™ ribbon is formulated to produce sharp, bright images and clear text on many card substrates, including Polycarbonate (PC). In addition to the standard colors (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black), a protective layer is applied on the card, to retain a high quality of image despite its frequent use. Printed cards can, therefore, be used for several years without deteriorating.

High security ensured

The Unichroma™ ribbon is designed for highly secure applications: national ID cards, drivers’ licenses, passports, immigration cards, military access control badges, etc. Compatible with hologram and lamination technologies, the Unichroma™ ribbon guarantees the maximum level of security for your cards so as to prevent any attempt of counterfeiting.

Cost-effective solution

Offering an alternative to more expensive equipment such as Retransfer technology, the Unichroma™ ribbon (UcYMCK) make the issuance cost of Polycarbonate cards extremely attractive.

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Unichroma™ ribbons contain is a dry coating (Uc) supplied on a color ribbon as a panel that is printed in advance of the following Y, M, C, K panels. The clear, colorless coating (Uc) is applied directly to the surface of the card using a normal direct-to-card printer. Then, D2T2 (Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer) color personalization can continue in the normal way (single or double-sided printing).

Plas-Tech Resources, Inc. is an authorized Evolis reseller specializing in ID card printing products. We guarantee that our Evolis R5F009NAA UcYMCK (Uc=Unichroma™) Color Ribbon for PC cards - 200 prints / rolls are genuine Evolis Printers, are properly stored, and are always 'fresh' working. We have been in business for over 30 years and are always looking to building a business relationship with our customers. 

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