Zebra ZC36-000C000US00 Printer ZC350, Dual Sided, US Cord, USB & Ethernet, Windows Driver

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Zebra ZC350 Card Printer Description


The Zebra ZC350 ID card printer brings power and performance to your ID card program, enabling you to get printing jobs done quicker, easier, and more efficiently. With its quick plug-and-play set up, you’re able to start printing your credentials in just minutes. As the replacement to the ZXP Series 3 printer, the ZC350 is designed to fit anywhere – even in the smallest office spaces – and has one of the fastest print speeds within its class, printing up to 225 full-color single-sided, 150 full-color dual-sided, or 1,000 monochrome cards in a single hour! It prints on both the CR80 and CR79 card sizes and with its intuitive operation, the easy-to-read graphical color LCD and LED displays provide an instant status on all your printing jobs. Plus, the ZC350 features exclusive security-enchancing ribbons that are not availble in the other ZC series models. This Zebra direct-to-card printer offers auto-adjusting card thickness recognition along with newly designed 100-card input and output card hoppers to reduce the number of times the hoppers will need to refilled or emptied.

Product Features

  • Trusted performance

    At high-quality 300 dpi resolution, the Zebra ZC350 prints up to 225 brilliant, full-color single-sided cards, 150 dual-sided, or 1,000 crisp and detailed monochrome cards an hour. There’s also a built-in manual card feeder guide to effortlessly process single cards or multi-card batch printing. There’s even a printer cover lock for added security that will deter the theft of card stock and rejected printed cards in public or shared work areas. Intuitive printer operation

    Engineered with a full-feature color LED/LCD display, the Zebra ZC350 provides user-friendly text-based messages, intuitive icons, and animations. Easily fix a printer jam, repair a printer ribbon, add ribbons, stock the input hopper, and more. The ZC350 is effortless to integrate, use, and manage all your ID card printing needs.


  • New specialized ribbons with added security

    With unique colors and special effects, Zebra unveiled brand new ribbon options with the ZC350 to elevate your card printing program to the next level. Adding more security, the pearlescent ribbon embeds color-transforming graphics that are difficult to duplicate or modify. Incorporate distinguishing, 3D effects to your cards with the new Zebra metallic color ribbon. The new Zebra long-life ribbon offers advanced security benefits that embed a watermark graphic which is only visible if the card is held at an angle or under a UV light. If you want to protect ID cards from daily use or the elements, Zebra also has a high-durability layer that lasts three to five years.


  • Space-accommodating design

    With its sophisticated structural technology, the Zebra ZC350 printer is one of the industry’s thinnest and most compact ID card printers. It offers the lowest clearance of similar printers in its class and fitting almost space in your office and even in small, customer-facing areas within your organization.


  • Standard USB & Ethernet connectivity

    Build with high-speed USB and Ethernet ports, the Zebra ZC350 integrates almost anywhere you need it. You can install the printer on your existing network (LAN) to permit remote access printing for high-volume card issuance without having the printer directly connected to your computer.


  • Intelligent enhancements

    With newly designed 100-card input and output hoppers, the Zebra ZC350 printer transforms the loading and unloading of your cards. With the saloon-style output doors, you’re able to remove a single card or an entire stack of cards. Now you don’t need to worry about refilling the empty hoppers as often, because both hoppers offer the same card capacity.


  • Worry-free maintenance

    Engineered with ease in mind, the Zebra ZC350 enables users to replace color or monochrome ribbon in a quick, single motion using this printer’s unique door handle. With embedded smart chips, you’ll never have to worry whether your printer ribbon is installed properly or when you need to change your ribbon.


  • Progressive security

    The Zebra ZC350 ID card printer’s sophisticated security prevents unauthorized card printing with printer-to-host authentication. This direct-to-card ID card printer is outfitted with government-level data encryption to safeguard your organization’s sensitive information during the printing process.


  • Optional dual-sided printing

    If your printing requirements change over time and you decide you want to take advantage of both sides of your cards, the ZC350 can be field upgraded for dual-sided printing with the Zebra flipper module. Dual-sided printing allows for additional cardholder information to be incorporated on your cards, like barcodes, contact details for lost cards, and more.


  • Optional encoding If your card printing application calls for flexibility, you can count on it with the Zebra ZC350 printer! Regardless of the type of encoding you use, you can rely on the ZC350 to deliver. From high- and low-coercivity magnetic stripe to proximity to contact and contactless smart card encoding, this high-volume printer gives you the option to use your own contact or contactless encoder when used with the ZIP Pocket Zebra Software Development Kits (SDKs) that seamlessly integrate third-party encoders.


  • Plas-Tech Resources, Inc. is an authorized Zebra reseller specializing in ID card printing products. We guarantee that our Zebra ZC36-000C000US00 Printer ZC350, Dual Sided, US Cord, USB & Ethernet, Windows Driver are genuine Zebra Printers, are properly stored, and are always 'fresh' working.  We have been in business for over 30 years and are always looking to building a business relationship with our customers.  


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