2136-3405 5/8" Anti-Microbial Lanyard Badge Card Holder - Black

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"5/8" Anti-Microbial Lanyards" The anit-microbial lanyard material contains nanoparticles which coat fibers, inhibit the growth of germs, and kill odor causing bacteria. Ideal for food service, healthcare and other industries that need to have clean environments. Lanyard is completely washable. We customize our lanyards with water based links.
"Please, Call All ID Anytime, if you have Questions or Need Volume Discounts Pricing at: 1-800-688-6373!"(Prices are subject to change without notice)

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2137-2056 5/8" Allergen - FREE Lanyard Badge Card Holder - Natural

"3/8" Allergen - FREE Lanyards" No chemical additives were added during the production of this lanyard; therefore, it is 100% allergen-free to protect your skin. Made from bamboo, this new lanyard is comfortable to wear, strong, durable and naturally anti-microbial (will not allow bacteria to accumulate and grow). It is also completely washable. We customize or lanyards with water base links.
Width: 3/8"(10mm)
Cut Length: 36" (914mm)

"Please, Call All ID Anytime, if you have Questions or Need Volume Discounts Pricing at: 1-800-688-6373!" (Prices Subject To Change without Notice)

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