3- 4500 Polaroid YMCKT-K Full Color Ribbon W/ Black Back - 375 Image

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Polaroid's YMCKT-K 375-image ribbon is designed specifically for use with the Polaroid P4000E and P5000E (not compatible with P4000) ID Card printers. This ribbon configuration yields 375 full-color images on the card front and black printing on the card back. Our color print ribbons deliver superior image quality for your photos, graphics, and logos.

Product Details
Polaroid's YMCKT-K 375-image high-quality ribbon and cleaning supplies are designed specifically for use with Polaroid P4000E and P5000E (P4000 not included) ID Card printers.


  • Advanced Color Technology - Prints the most crisp and vivid photos, graphics, and text in the industry

  • Intelligent Ribbon Technology - Auto-adjusts printer settings and configuration while tracking usage.

  • Easy-to-use Error-free loading - Reduces down time by easily replacing used ribbons.

Works With

  • Polaroid P4000E and P5000E card printers

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