54134 Fargo DTC400e Single-Sided Color ID Card Printer System

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Making your organization more secure just got easier. There’s no easier way to increase your employees’ security and decrease your organization’s vulnerability to loss than by issuing photo ID cards. And now there’s no easier, more secure way to issue photo ID cards than with the next generation DTC400 Direct-to-Card Printer/Encoder.
54134 Fargo DTC400e Single-Sided Printer System
Bundle includes:

  • DTC400e singled-sided printer

  • Fargo's Asure ID Solo Photo ID Software

  • digital camqera, in Photo Capture software

  • YMCKO Print Ribbon

  • Ultra Card 1-300 count and USB Printer Cable

  • Year Asure ID Protect Plan

Making your organization more secure just got easier.
There’s no easier way to increase your employees’ security and decrease your organization’s vulnerability to loss than by issuing photo ID cards. And now there’s no easier, more secure way to issue photo ID cards than with the next generation DTC400 Direct-to-Card Printer/Encoder. Everything about the Fargo DTC400 is specifically designed to make issuing IDs and securing your organization goes smoothly. It’s simple to operate and virtually maintenance free. Plus, it can scale easily as your needs expand. When you add in Fargo’s Print Security Suite, the DTC400 is not only the easiest card identity system in its class, it’s also the most secure.

Never wonder what your printer is trying to tell you again, thanks to our SmartScreen LCD Control Panel.

  • DTC400 is the only card printer in its class that replaces confusing indicator lights with clear

  • easy-to-understand prompts and commands.

Save time and eliminate the expense of torn, wasted ribbons with our SmartLoad Ribbon Cartridge.

  • Simple slide the cartridges, close the door, and you’re done.

Take your security to the next level.

  • DTC400 is enabled with Secure Mark Technology

  • Provide your cards & printer with the latest advances in card identity security.

Maintain your print quality while protecting your print head, with our convenient SmartClean Roller.

  • Intelligently integrated into our allin- one SmartLoad Ribbon cartridge

  • SmartClean Roller cleans automatically

  • removes potentially damaging dust and debris from each card before it is printed.

Issue durable, high-quality cards every time.

  • Low-to-medium security applications

  • Fargo’s reliable Direct-to-Card (DTC®) printing technology consistently produces vivid

  • Great-looking results

  • Password Control The first line of defense against unauthorized use

  • Security Imaging Covert features adds a vital layer of card security

  • Print Notification Ensure around-the-clock integrity of your printer

  • Print Diagnostics Quickly assess and fix printer/encoder issues

  • Supplies e-Ordering Secure supplies are a convenient click away

Print Security Suite is an option available from select authorized Fargo integrators.
Control the issuance and ensure the authenticity of your ID cards with Print Security Suite. With our optional Print Security Suite, you can control, monitor, maintain, and most importantly, secure your card identity system. Fargo Secure Mark Technology enables the suite, creating an unparalleled level of integrated security between your printer/encoder, ID software and materials. Depending on your desired level of security, you’re free to activate any combination of these five powerfully secure and convenient applications. Print Security Suite delivers a level of convenience and security that not only keep you printing, it keeps you protected.

D I R E C T- T O - C A R D P R I N T E R / E N C O D E R
The Fargo next-generation DTC400 is the perfect card printer/encoder for:

  • Small-to-Medium Corporations

  • K-12 Schools • Police & Fire Departments

  • State & Local Government facilities

It’s ideal for cards that need:

  • Bar Codes

  • Magnetic Stripes

  • Dual-sided Printing

  • Digital Signatures

  • Proximity Card Access

  • And more!

Factory description
Print Method: Dye-Sublimation / Resin Thermal Transfer
Resolution: 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)
Colors: Up to 16.7 million / 256 shades per pixel
Print Ribbon Options: Available only with Print
Security Package:

  • Full-color with resin black and overlay panel, YMCKO*, 250 prints

  • Full-color with two resin black panels and overlay panel, YMCKOK*, 200 prints

  • Resin black and overlay panel, KO, 500 prints

  • Resin black, 1,000 prints; green, blue, red, white, 1,000 prints; silver and gold, 500 prints

  • Full-color with fluorescing, resin black and overlay panel, YMCFKO*, 200 prints

Print Speed:
Batch Mode:

  • 7 seconds per card / 514 cards per hour (K)*

  • 12 seconds per card / 300 cards per hour (KO)*

  • 27 seconds per card / 133 cards per hour (YMCKO)*

  • 35 seconds per card / 102 cards per hour (YMCKOK)*

Accepted Standard Card Sizes: CR-80 (3.375"L x 2.125"W / 85.6mmL x 54mmW)
Print Area: CR-80 edge-to-edge (3.37"L x 2.11"W / 85.5mmL x 53.5mmW)
Accepted Card Thickness: 20 mil to 30 mil (.020" to .030" / .51mm to .76mm)
Accepted Card Types:
PVC or polyester cards with polished PVC finish; monochrome resin required for 100% polyester cards; optical memory cards with PVC finish
Input Hopper Card Capacity: 100 cards (.030" / .762mm)
Output Hopper Card Capacity: 30 cards (.030" / .762mm)
Card Cleaning: Card cleaning roller integrated into ribbon cartridge; cleaning roller is automatically replaced with each new ribbon used
Memory: 2MB RAM
Display: Easy-to-read, backlit LCD Control Panel
Software Drivers: Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP
Interface: USB 1.1 (USB 2.0 compatible)
Operating Temperature: 65° to 80° F / 18° to 27° C
Humidity: 20–80% non-condensing
Dimensions: 7"H x 10.5"W x 7.5"D / 178mmH x 267mmW x 190mmD Weight: 8 lbs. / 3.63 kg
Supply Voltage: 100–240 VAC, 3.3 A
Supply Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Warranty: Printer – One year; optional Extended Warranty Program (U.S. only) Print-head – One year, unlimited pass with UltraCard™ Cards Fargo Certified Supplies: Fargo Card Printer/Encoders require highly specialized media to function properly. To maximize printed card quality and durability, print-head life and printer/encoder reliability, use only Fargo Certified Supplies. Fargo warranties are void, where not prohibited by law, when non-Fargo Certified Supplies are used.

Encoding Options:

  • ISO Magnetic Stripe Encoding Module, dual high- and low-coercively, Tracks 1, 2, and 3


  • Magnetic Card Encoding Module - Field-upgradeable

  • Dual-sided Printing Module - Field-upgradeable

  • E-card Encoding Module - Field-upgradeable 

  • Printer Cleaning Kit • Ethernet Networking Option

  • 100-card Output Hopper

The Fargo DTC400 Card Printer/Encoder has been tested to ensure that it meets Microsoft® standards for Windows® compatibility. Microsoft, Windows, and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Software

  • Materials

  • Extended Warranties

  • On-call Express

  • Visual Security trade; Solutions

  • Print Security Suite

*Indicates the ribbon type and the number of ribbon panels printed where Y=Yellow, M=Magenta, C=Cyan, K=Resin Black, F=Fluorescing "Trade-In your Old, used and unwanted ID Badge Card Printers and Get a discount"

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