552854-204 Datacard SP35, SP55 and SP75 Card Printer YMCKT Ribbon Kit - 250 Images

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552854-204 Datacard YMCKT Ribbon Kit - 250 Images. Smart ribbons are for Datacard SP35, SP55 and SP75 ID Card printers. Lowest Price Guarantee call: 1-800-688-6373

Datacard YMCKT Ribbon Kit - 250 Images - SP35, SP35 Plus, SP55, SP55 Plus, SP75 & SP75 Plus Description

Datacard YMCKT Ribbon Kit

  • Ribbon kit includes:

    • YMCKT full color ribbon including topcoat panel - 250 images per roll

    • 1 alcohol cleaning card

    • 1 adhesive cleaning sleeve

  • For use with the following Datacard printers:

    • SP35 (color printing model)

    • SP35 Plus (color printing model)

    • SP55 (color printing model)

    • SP55 Plus (color printing model)

    • SP75

    • SP75 Plus

Note: SP35 card printers require firmware v4.38 or newer in order to use 552854-204 YMCKT ribbon.

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