All ID Card Software Comparison

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All ID Software Comparison All ID Classic All ID Lite Plus All ID Premiere All ID Professional
3 tracks magnetic encoding x x x x
Ability to use any Windows printer driver x x x x
Adobe Acrobat Reader x x
Barcode; 17 types available, resize, check digit and more x x x x
Batch printing from file x
Clipart Volume x x x x
Clipart Volume II x x
Connection to text files x x x
Database properties (including image compression, define view to hide and unhide fields, browse view for table listing) x
Database variables x x
drag and drop from database to the work area x x x
Ease of use - light software for heavy duty card design. x x x x
Encoding photos in PDF symbols x x
External database and ODBC Administrator to access all major database formats x
fast database editing with EOF-options x x
Fast printing speed - optimized for multiple cards x x x x
Front & Back printing x x x x
Full text treatment: multi-line, rotation, color, size, alignment x x x x
Image acquisition using Twain Interface x x x x
Image import from file in several formats x x x x
Independent overlay for Front & Back x x x x
Internal database x x
logins and password for maximum access security x
Metrics and inches units display x x x x
Modify images with built-in Image Tools x x x x
Multi-lingual; English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese x x x x
On-line manual & Acrobat Reader x x x x
Overlay clipping and image import for security x x x x
Paint Shop Pro shareware x x
PDF417, up to 64K in a barcode symbol x x x x
Plug-in for external chip card processing software x x x x
Plug-in sources x
Print Database reports on paper x
Printed manual, Software Key x x
Printing Hologram Ribbon x x x x
Rich set of design tools oriented to card design x x x x
Rulers, Cross-hair cursors and inter-object alignment toolbar x x x x
Several levels of Undo/Redo x x x x
Supported printers x x x x
System Variables: counters, time, date and keyboard input x x x x
VfW video source supported x
*WYSIWYG multi-document interface x x x x

*(WYSIWYG)"What You See Is What You Get

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