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ID Badges are an intrigue part of all business that wants to remain secured. Keeping up with security there is a need for ID badge holder. These plastic badge holders come in a verity of designed to hold and protect ID cards. Small or large, business need to providing there employees with ID badge holder to help protect their ID badges.
Some identification cards are made out of paper wile others are made from (PVC) plastic. All though much cheaper, paper cards wear out much quicker than the plastic cards. No mater which type you have all of them can be damaged or lost if not properly protected. This is why purchasing a badge holder is a great advantage. In the long run it will save money by preventing employees from having to replace their badges often. Another benefit of badge holders is to help employees and students keep track with their ID cards from being misplaced.

Different Types of ID card Holders

  • Locking Card Holders: Locking Card Holders-Protects ID card From Tampering. Horizontal key lock proximity cad holder with slot and chain holes. End piece snaps in to lock cars inside. Guard key (sold separately) opens the lock on proximity card holder. Holds two cards.

  • Clear Vinyl Badge Holder:Clear vinyl badge holder w/ slot/chain holes - Vertical (Data/Credit Card Size).

  • Multiple Ways Badge Card Holder:Multiple Ways to Attach Your ID. Horizontal clear vinyl badge holder with 2-hole clip and sole/chain holes.

  • Color-Bar Holders Badge Card Holder:Safety Framed Badge Holder. Vertical color frame vinyl badge holder with slot and chain holes.

  • 2 Holders in One Badge Card Holder: Convertible card holder has a rotating clip with allows it to be used in a vertical or horizontal format. Semi-rigid with slot or chain holes.

  • Holds Your ID & Business Cards Holder:Holds Your ID & Business Cards. Vertical colored 2-sided open-face multi-card holder with slot and chain holes. Holds one 30 mil (750mic) ID card on one side and five 12 mil (300 mic) business cards on the back side.

  • Heavy-Duty Card Holder Keeps ID Locked In: Heavy-Duty Card Holder-Attachment Keeps ID Locked In. Horizontal heavy-duty clear vinyl proximity badge card holder with slot hole for badge strap.

ID badge card holders come in many different sizes and shapes to accommodate all business needs. The type of card holder needed will depend on the type of environment in which the badge will be worn. For instants, office workers don¿t need heavy duty badge holders, though construction workers do.

With lanyards attached to your badge card holder this will prevent the employee from misplacing there badge. Many students, doctors, nurses, construction workers, and office workers use lanyards with there badge holders.  Badges holders also come with badge reels, pins, straps, clips or stickers that attach to clothing. Some designs are arm bands or magnetic. Customization is also available with most identification holders.

Other Features

Another great feature of the badge holders are that they are reusable making them economical as well as smart purchase. They defiantly make it easier to enforce company security measures. At site it is easier to identify your employees for your customers.

Companies and organizations will appear to be more professional and organized with ID badge. Purchase your badge holder same time you order identification cards to make sure you get the correct match.

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