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Business Applications

In today¿s world, organizations large and small need card programs that can fit their precise requirements, expand as their needs change, and provide innovative solutions for improving every aspect of their business - from security to the bottom line. That¿s why organizations of every description count on Polaroid Commercial ID Systems for a wide range of card applications.


  • Employee IDs

  • Law enforcement ID and secure access programs

  • Corporate security

  • Student IDs

  • Gift cards

  • Customer loyalty programs

  • Member benefit cards

  • Special event access and promotion

Industry and corporate employee ID cards help you easily identify employees and visitors. Polaroid ID cards can be designed for access control and security clearances. Our ID cards are also used for staff who interact with the public and must provide identification-telephone workers, pest control employees, home delivery persons, in-home health care workers, and more.

Used by K-12 schools, small colleges and universities, Polaroid¿s student ID cards are designed for access to school buildings and labs; time and attendance tracking; automated library and cafeteria privileges; and more. ID cards are also used to identify club participation, such as membership in the ski club, rugby club, and similar programs. Polaroid¿s ID Card Maker solutions are also designed to integrate easily with education industry applications such as SASI and Lifetouch.

Identification of employees and visitors is critical at all law enforcement and government locations. Access status for secure areas is designed right into our cards using a variety of technologies. Police departments, court buildings, correctional facilities, and government offices of every description can use Polaroid ID systems to help secure their facilities.

Polaroid Photo ID Card Printing systems help secure your transit operations through complete employee ID programs. Polaroid also leads the way in transportation by bringing your passengers value, convenience, and security through personalized ID cards that serve as passes for buses, trains, and more. If you have reduced-fare programs for students, seniors and disabled passengers, Polaroid offers multiple options for producing cards for each program. Polaroid ID systems help your lines move faster through the use of attractive, durable cards that admit riders with just a swipe or scan.

ID cards are used to identify employees and visitors at health care facilities, as well as to provide access to controlled, secure areas. Polaroid IDs are also useful for visiting nursing associations and similar programs for authorization and confirmation of the cardholder¿s status and role.


Polaroid Photo ID Card Printing systems enable retail outlets to expand and personalize their gift cards, helping differentiate their gift card program from other retailers. With a Polaroid gift card program in place, customers can now personalize their gift cards with their own photos, graphics, and text messages. A personalized photo gift card program offers retailers increased sales and greater in-store traffi c, which often result in greater brand loyalty as well.

Polaroid ID cards can be produced and used at special events like golf tournaments and other sporting events and recreational outings. With the fl exibility and customization features provided by our systems, the cards for your event can help meet identification needs while also serving as a keepsake for your volunteers, guests and attendees.

Polaroid ID cards provide identification for membership organizations like retail clubs, associations, travel clubs, casinos, and more. Our cards can be used to convey special member privileges like discounts at participating retailers and restaurants, confi rm identity and provide access to member-only locations, and to track member purchases and membership points.

With loyalty programs playing an important role in businesses ranging from grocery stores to pharmacies to hotels and resorts, Polaroid offers card solutions that will set your loyalty program apart. Our loyalty cards can be personalized by the customer or branded to support your business, while providing the functionality to allow your customers to take advantage of all that your loyalty program has to offer.

Golf, fi tness, tennis, country clubs and other member organizations turn to Polaroid for their ID systems. Museums, zoos, and aquariums can also count on Polaroid to identify their members and benefactors with ID cards that convey special privileges.

In addition to a quality educational experience, child care facilities can provide a safe and secure environment for children, parents and staff with Polaroid ID Card Maker systems. Photo IDs with the authorized pick-up individual and images of the children can be created to ensure an extra measure of security.

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