C8000 cardfive ID Card Vision Software

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CardFive Vision Totally re-designed, re-structured, re-branded, re-edited... reloaded, CardFive Vision is the natural evolution of CardFive, the worldwide leader software for card design, printing and encoding. *Now Windows 7 compatible*
C8000 CardFive ID Card Vision Software
The dashboard, an innovative GUI created by NFive, offers full control over you card design components with minimal clicks, the shortest learning curve and pleasant look and feel. A database view has been added to the famous and inspiring design screen of CardFive. Handle your data once your design is ready. The re-structured design objects, allow now creative effects by means of dozens of new functions added. Colors are now managed in thematic swatches, fully editable, conducting design to a professional look. A comprehensive clipart manager has been added, so you can, aside of the default clipart, manage your own clipart as well as your working logos. Reinforcing the huge power of CardFive unique DCL (direct command language), we added spooled printing to our unique card printing system, allowing you to keep working either on design or database contents while printing with full control via the print controller dock. The imager, a newly developed tool for image capturing, editing and improving has been added (in all editions) with dozens of dedicated functions for identification image capturing. NPS, the network print server, before a separate product has been added to CardFive Vision free of charge, allowing multiple workstations to print and encode via LAN or WAN on a server computer in one or more card printers, any brand & model. and more... We are mentioning here only a few of the hundreds of improvements that have been made on CardFive Vision, why don't you try it out and find the rest yourself....


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