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Card Embossers

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Card Embossers

Card embossers can be used to customize plastic cards before they are distributed to their recipients. There are a number of industries for which card embossers can be used. Organizations that require memberships, such as social clubs and fitness centers, can choose to emboss their cards. This can increase the difficulty of making forged duplicates. "...Companies such as banks and healthcare companies that issue ID cards can also use card embossers." By using embossers, companies can ensure that their cards are recognized more easily.

Available Styles of Card Embossers

Some card embossers are portable and can be placed on desktops. These systems are designed for small production runs. Companies can also find card embossers that feature external keyboards, making it easy for employees to enter the information that will be imprinted on the card. Companies that will be producing a large quantity of cards that need to be embossed may prefer automated systems from manufacturers such as CIM. These larger systems often include a reject hopper for cards that are not printed properly. Companies that will be mailing embossed cards can also find machines that will fold the letter accompanying the card and seal them in an envelope together.

All ID offers a large selection of card embossers from manufacturers such as CIM. In addition to these machines, All ID also carries different models of ID card printers, allowing customers to choose the type of hardware that is best for their projects.



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