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Nisca CPS

Central Production Solutions


8 USB Printers on 1 PC

Module solutions have always been a staple for the Nisca line of desktop card printers. Since our inception in 1994 the PR5002 printer offered modular flip-turn stations, encode stations, and lamination stations. Today, our product line has evolved, but not varied from this fundamental concept.

The Nisca module concept is a perfect fit for large-scale production or central issuance of secure credentials. If one printer or laminator goes down, the remaining units continue to function while a replacement module is easily set in its place - production never stops. Numerous US Government Agencies, seven US States drivers' license programs, four countries, and thousands of companies have adopted the Nisca modular solution.

Our latest advancement in the modular concept comes with the introduction of the PR5300 and PR5350 printers with USB 2.0 bus protocol. Nisca's USB printer firmware and drivers act in the same manner as SCSI device in which each printer is individually addressable, controlled, and monitored. Nisca's firmware and driver can independently communicate with and manage up to 8 Nisca printers on a single computer.

Eight printers on a single computer provide extremely high throughput for card printing. Add-on the lamination module
to provide for layered security; and add the in-line Smart Card encoding (available in the PR5350) and you have a highly precise and intelligent production solution for high value cards and massive projects.

Summary of Nisca CPS:

High-speed printing (based on 8 PR5350 printers)*:

  • 1200 cards per hour - YMCO

  • 1040 cards per hour - YMCKO

  • 840 cards per hour - YMCKO / K (dual sided print)

  • 760 cards per hour - YMCKK / K / Laminate (dual sided print/single side lamination)

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