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CIM Embossers

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CIM Embossers

Companies looking for ways to customize plastic cards will find a number of embossers available from CIM. Some of these models are operated manually, with the operator being able to choose from a selection of fonts in which the embossing will be performed. Other manual embossers from CIM include keyboards that can be used to enter the information that will appear on the plastic cards. These systems can be used by small organizations that do not print cards often. They can also be used by larger organizations that need a machine on which they can emboss replacement plastic cards quickly, perhaps at a location other than the main administrative office.

Automatic Embossers From CIM

In addition to manual embossers, CIM also offers a large selection of automatic embossers.

  • Their automatic embossers can produce hundreds of plastic cards per hour.

  • "...Plastic cards can be printed and embossed at high speeds with some of the automatic models available from CIM."

  • Companies that do not want to purchase separate automatic and manual embossers can purchase models from CIM that allow for both methods of operation.

At All ID, customers can find a number of embossers available from CIM, including manual models, automatic models and combination printer and embosser machines. The company can assist customers with selecting the model that is most appropriate for any job, and provide service on CIM card embossers and printers.



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