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CIM Printers

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CIM Printers

With CIM printers, organizations can print ID cards whenever they need them. In fact, many CIM printer models are small enough to fit on a desktop. Thanks to their small size, CIM printers can be moved to different locations with ease, making them particularly convenient for conference venues. Among the ways the cards that can be created with these printers are access cards and ID badges for offices, loyalty cards for retail businesses, and membership cards for service businesses like fitness centers and membership-based shopping centers.

Supplies for CIM Printers

"...Customers can choose from CIM printers that print in a single color or in multiple colors." The printers use thermal transfer to imprint a design on a plastic card. Designs can be made on computers using specialized software, and then transferred to the printer via the serial cable. After printing many ID cards, operators may find that they need to replace the ink used by the printer. For the single color CIM printers, they can choose ink colors such as gold, green, red, blue and black. Operators can also ensure that the ID cards they produce continue to be of high quality by cleaning their printers occasionally. For organizations that need increased security, CIM also offers models that produce ID cards that are more difficult to replicate.

At All ID, organizations will find a selection of CIM printers, as well as the supplies needed to produce ID cards. In addition to printers that employ thermal transfer, the company also offers a selection of printers that rely on ribbons or dye sublimation.



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