CIM Pro Series Embosser 100 Brochure

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1 CIM Pro Series Embosser 100 Brochure

Card Embossing





Used By

  • Banks/Credit Institutions

  • Insurance Companies

  • Casino

  • Clubs/Associations

  • Government Offices

  • Department Stores

  • Service Bureaus

In Line Solutions

  • Multi feeder 6000

  • Thermal 1000/2000

  • Inserter 3000

  • Label Dispenser 1500



  • 105-character capacity drum

  • One pass front and rear infill (optional)

  • Encoding:

    • Magnetic encoding and chip contact station (JIS/ISO)

    • Regular VISA + VISA mini card personalization (paired)

Desktop Dimension With Heavy Duty Performance


1 CIM Pro Series Embosser 100 Brochure


Input Hopper
Output Hopper
Reject Hopper

200 cards
200 cards
10 cards capacity

Card Format
Card Thickness
Card Materials

CR80 - ISO standard
ISO 7810 0,76 mm ± 0,08 / 30 mil ± 3
ABS, PVC and composite; semi transparent (available on request)

Internal Tipper Unit
Embossing Area
Drum Capacity

Off-line tipping option (76 x 41 mm area /3 x 1.61 in). Ribbon saving function
9 lines x 31 characters (76 x 45 mm area / 3 x 1.77 in)
105 characters

Embossing Characters

Dual Infill

Standard Gothic, OCR7B, country specific characters (optional),
Braille drum/types (optional)
Optional: front infill (available fonts OCRB1/B4 and others) or rear
infill device (CVV2-OCRA1) for front/rear infilling in one pass.
Possibility to have only front/only rear pass

Magnetic Encoding

Chip Contact Station
Contactless Station

Approx. 500 CPH
Optional: 3 ISO 7811 tracks, LoCo, HiCo, JIS
Optional: regular VISA + VISA mini card (paired)
Available on request

Communication Interface
Power Supply
Operating Environment
Dimensions (Wxdxh)
Floor Stand

RS232 serial port
100 - 117 - 220 - 230 or 240 Volts - 50 or 60 Hz
5°C - 40°C / 41°F to 104°F
860 x 480 x 350 mm / 33.9" x 18.9" x 13.8" in
62 Kg / 137 lbs
Optional (required for in-line operation)

Operating Systems
Application Program

Multicard 2006 operating with Windows 2000/XP User interface monitoring, card production control, automatic card remake option, pre-encoded card reading
with complete processing operation, system status and help messages displayed on Personal Computer

In-Line Configuration

The Pro Series units can operate in a stand alone or in-line configuration with 2 up to 5 equipments. The EMBOSSER 1000 can be connected to: MULTIFEEDER 6000, THERMAL 1000/2000, INSERTER 3000, LABEL DISPENSER 1500

CONVENIENT: the EMBOSSER 1000 is part of a tried and tested CIM product range. It combines desktop dimension with heavy duty performance. FIFO (firs in - first out) input hopper with a 200 card capacity
FAST: with its integrated MSP (Multi Smart Processing) system the EMBOSSER 1000 can process up to 3 cards simultaneously
VERSATILE: embossing, infill and tipping with magnetic stripe and/or smart card management into one single operation, the EMBOSSER 1000 can be fitted with special embossing characters to personalize international credit cards, such as VISA and MasterCard (all country specific characters), and perform dual infill personalization of the front and back in one pass

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