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Compare ID Printers

There are a number of factors to compare on ID card printers when deciding which one to purchase. One concern is the cost of the ID card printer. Some printers will be very affordable, but are not suited to large production runs. Companies that expect to manufacture a high quantity of ID cards on a regular basis may prefer to invest more initially and obtain a machine that is suited for producing high volumes in a short period of time.

Compare the Capabilities of ID Printers

Another factor that will affect a company's decision regarding which ID printer to purchase is the actual printing capability of the machine. "...Companies may find themselves comparing ID printers that can only print in a single color with those that can print in multiple colors." They should keep in mind that different colors of ink are available for monochrome ID printers, so text can still be distinctive in an uncommon hue or with a metallic sheen. However, companies that plan to put photos on their ID badges may require full-color ID badge printers.

Another aspect to consider is the amount of memory the different models have. For basic ID badge designs, large amounts of memory are not necessary. Sophisticated designs, such as those with a corporate logo and photo, may require a large amount of memory.

At All ID, companies will find many ID printers to compare from companies such as Eltron, DataCard and Nisca. In addition to assisting customers choose the right equipment for their projects, their staff is available to help clients find the appropriate supplies for their particular printer.



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