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When you want to enhance security, loyalty, profitability or member satisfaction, the choice is clear ¿ Datacard® card printers. Datacard® card printers deliver the essential technologies and dependable performance you need to issue personalized cards. This broad and trusted selection of easy-to-use printers can satisfy your requirements for security, quality and value. They also integrate seamlessly with our identification software and capture offerings, enabling you to create a complete and cost-effective solution

SP25 Plus Card Printer

SP35 Plus Card Printer

SP55 Plus Card Printer

SP75 Plus Card Printer

The SP25 Plus card printer offers a unique combination of full-color and rewritable card printing capabilities.

  • Designed for low-volume, manualfeed applications

  • Inexpensive to own and operate

  • Ideal for retail/loyalty, membership and smaller organizations

Exceptionally easy-to-use, the SP35 Plus card printer delivers everything you need to print vivid, one-sided color cards.

  • Compact, plug-and-play design

  • Simple to master ¿ in minutes

  • Built for visitor IDs, health clubs and membership organizations

With the fastest speeds in the line, the SP55 Plus card printer maximizes productivity for printing on one or two sides of the card.

  • LCD and Ethernet connectivity

  • High-capacity input/output hopper

  • Perfect for casino/loyalty, education and corporate IDs

The SP75 Plus card printer produces highly secure IDs and can be configured with one or two lamination stations.

  • Applies different laminates to the front and back of the card

  • Theft deterrent software and hardware lock suite

  • Designed for secure corporate, university and government IDs

  RP90 Plus E Card Printer and RL90 Card Laminator

The RP90 Plus E card printer employs retransfer technology to print on longer lasting non-PVC cards that offer higher durability.

  • Issues contact and contactless smart cards, proximity and dual-interface cards

  • Optional one-sided lamination station applies Datacard® DuraGard® laminates


SP25 Plus

SP35 Plus

SP55 Plus

SP75 Plus

RP90 Plus E
Print capabilities One-sided One-sided One (or two*-) sided One or two-sided One or two-sided
Print method Direct-to-card dye-sublimation and rewritable Direct-to-card dye-sublimation Direct-to-card dye-sublimation Direct-to-card dye-sublimation Retransfer dye-sublimation
One-color, one-sided print speed 7.2 seconds per card Up to 750 CPH Up to 1,000 CPH - -
One-color, two-sided print speed - - Up to 450 CPH - -
Full-color, one-sided print speed 30 seconds per card Up to 160 CPH Up to 190 CPH Up to 175 CPH Up to 100 CPH (w/ lamination)
Full-color (front), two-sided print speed - - Up to 155 CPH Up to 165 CPH Up to 75 CPH (w/ lamination)
Clear card printing - Yes Yes - -
Card input hopper capacity Manual-feed 100 cards 100 cards/ 200* 100 cards/ 200* 300 cards
Card output hopper capacity 15 cards 20 cards 40 cards/ 200* 40 cards/ 100* 100 cards
Card reject area - - - Yes -
Card exception slot - - Yes Yes -
Locks - - Yes* Yes* -
Printer ¿ PC software - - - Yes* -
UV fluorescent printing - - - Yes* -
Ribbon security erase - - - - Yes
IPSEC encrypted networking security - - - - Yes
Single-pass topcoats Yes (T-panel) Yes (T-panel) Yes (T-panel) One or two-sided One-sided*
Single-pass Datacard® DuraGard® laminates - - - One or two-sided** One-sided*
Bar codes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Magnetic stripe Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*
Smart card (contact/contactless) Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*
Connectivity USB USB USB/ Ethernet* USB/ Ethernet USB/ Ethernet
Display Status light Status light Status light/ LCD* LCD* LCD*

* Optional
** Can apply two separate supply types to front and back with optional second laminator

Datacard® Certified Supplies featuring Intelligent Supplies Technology¿ help ensure superior image quality, consistent card printing and outstanding performance when used with Datacard card printers.

Datacard specializes in end-to-end solutions for secure identification and instantly issued transaction cards. Ask your reseller about Datacard® software and capture solutions that will seamlessly integrate with your printer.

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