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Datacard ID Printers

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DataCard ID Printers

DataCard offers a variety of ID card printers, from economical models that can be moved with ease to large machines that offer many advanced features. The entry-level models that DataCard offers are designed for small production runs. They may be appropriate for hospitality businesses such as hotels and casinos that will have multiple machines for their employees to use. They can also be used by organizations that are hosting conferences, as they can be moved to a conference site with ease. Other models from DataCard are intended for government agencies and large corporations that expect to produce a large quantity of ID cards.

Features of DataCard ID Printers

One way your organization can use DataCard ID printers is to print your own ID cards in-house. Software packages are available that let organizations make their own designs and print them on their cards. Optional features on DataCard printers allow information to be placed on a magnetic strip so that the cards can be used as pass keys or membership cards. "...Organizations that require an added layer of security will find comfort from the topcoat available on some DataCard ID printers." In addition to making the cards more durable, the coating makes it easier for your employees to identify the cards and distinguish them from counterfeits.

Organizations interested in designing and making their own ID cards with DataCard printers will find many models at All ID. The company's representatives can provide assistance in choosing a model based on the budget and volume of work that customers expect.



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