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Eltron Printers

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Eltron Printers

Eltron printers provide companies with the ability to make ID cards when they need them. Some organizations may choose to use Eltron printers at conferences. Though the organization sponsoring the conference may request that individuals provide all of the relevant information to print ID badges before the conference, inevitably some guests will fail to do so. With Eltron printers, it is easy to make ID cards in either a single color or multiple colors on demand.

Other organizations may want to print more sophisticated ID cards on Eltron printers. If a business uses plastic cards with a magnetic strip, staff members can encode information on the badge at the time of printing. Organizations including hotels, universities and private businesses can use these cards to govern access to different areas. Eltron printers can also produce cards for retailers to give clients as loyalty cards.

Styles of Eltron Printers

Some of the systems available from Eltron are designed for high production runs, capable of printing more than 100 cards per hour. "...Some Eltron printer models can provide increased security by imprinting holograms on one or both sides of the card." To get the most out of these systems, companies need to purchase supplies such as print ribbons, overlaminate, blank cards and cleaning supplies.

At All ID, companies and organizations of different sizes can find ID card printers from Eltron, DataCard, CIM and Nisca that are within their budgets and will meet their needs. In addition to supplying customers with these products, the company can also assist with equipment servicing.



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