How to Calibrate the Color Ribbon Sensor on a Zebra P110i & p120i

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Getting a yellow strip on your ID Cards.  This video will show you how to get rid of it.

The Steps on how  to calibrate the color ribbon sensor on a Zebra P110i  and a P120i.

    1. This will fix the common problem of the yellow strip on the  cards. 

    2. Open your "Printers and Faxes" window. (Click on  Start, then Control Panel and then Printers and Faxes) 

    3. Find the proper printer and right mouse click on it. 

    4. A new window will pop up. (Select "Properties" and  click on it.)

    5. Find the tab "Device Settings" (Click on it.) 

    6. Find Tools Click on it and the button Properties will appear.  (Click on it)

    7. The Tools window will pop up.  In the Command to send to printer box type BLACK  (all caps) the click the button Execute. 

    8. The printer will then print a completely black card. (Make  sure there is ribbon in the printer and cards in the hopper)

    9. Once the printer is done printing.  In the Command to send to printer box type !SA  (all caps) the click the button Execute.

    10. The LCD screen will show a message Check RIB Sensor.  Once the message changes to Insert Black  Card place Black card into the printer where the card ejects out 

    11. of.  The message will change to RIB Sensor Pass  Then Press the main button on the printer and the card will eject out.


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