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ID Badge Printer

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ID Badge Printer

ID badge printers can be used by many types of organizations, from private businesses to universities and membership clubs. These machines can quickly create cards containing an individual's photograph, name and other relevant details. The cards may also contain a magnetic stripe that can be encoded with a range of information. Such cards can be used to provide access to offices within a building or used as part of a loyalty program run by businesses such as casinos or restaurants.

Create ID Badges Quickly With Card Printers

Though paper ID badges can be created using traditional printers, such badges do not offer the same range of functionality as plastic cards with magnetic stripes. In addition, they do not last nearly as long. "...By purchasing affordable ID badge printers, companies can create ID badges that can be used to confirm individuals' identities, provide them with access to areas of a building and retrieve relevant information about the cardholders." Some machines are designed to be placed on desktops. Such systems may be best for organizations in which multiple employees will be printing ID badges. Other card printing systems are larger and closer in size to small photocopying machines. These machines can accommodate large production runs.

At All ID, organizations will find ID badge printing systems from Zebra, CIM, DataCard, Fargo and Nisca. The company also offers accessories and supplies that can be used in conjunction with all of these ID badge printing machines, including embossers and software packages.



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