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ID Card Maker

There are a number of ways organizations may choose to make ID cards. One approach they may choose to use is to print names on perforated paper. The individual identification cards can be separated with ease and placed into plastic holders to preserve them. This approach, however, may be very time consuming, especially if ID cards are being produced for hundreds or thousands of individuals for a conference or other one-time event.

Use ID Card Makers to Produce Plastic Identification Badges

As an alternative, conference organizers and organizations may choose to use specialized ID card makers. Like traditional printers, ID card makers may use ink ribbons, dye sublimation or heat to add text or images to identification badges. The key difference, though, is that these ID card makers do not accept paper. Instead, they print badges on plastic cards. Some ID card makers allow for printing on both sides of the plastic card. "...In addition, some also allow for information to be added to a magnetic strip on the back of the card." This feature can be used by businesses to manufacture loyalty cards for customers, as well as by companies that need to increase the level of security at their offices.

At All ID , organizations will find a large selection of ID card makers from manufacturers such as Zebra, Fargo, CIM and DataCard. Customers will also find the supplies they need--including software and print heads--for use with ID card makers from these manufacturers.



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