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Matica C310 Military ID Tag

The C310 metal plate embosser is THE solution for both your dog tag and medical alert tag needs. This system is perfect for military applications, hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Matica Dog Tag and Medical Alert Tag Embosser

Compact, Quiet and Easy to Operate

The Matica C310 metal plate embosser is the perfect solution for military dog tags or medical alert tags.
The C310 has been designed with two removable hoppers ¿ allowing the user to easily change from embossing dog tags to medical alert tags. And the feeding system adjusts automatically on the insertion of the hopper. This feature, along with our simple automatic set-up makes handling layout changes fast and easy.

Data can be supplied from the keyboard or via your PC or host system using the RS232 interface. Maticard® Windows®-based design and production software is included with the system and provides quick and easy design capabilities for your dog tags and medical alert tags.

The C310 system can easily be placed on a counter where space is limited and low noise levels are critical to your business. The ultra compact size, ergonomic design and quiet operation make the robust and affordable Matica C310 the ideal solution for your metal plate application.

The C310 system includes:

  • Automatic feed input hoppers for dog tags and medical alert tags

  • Emboss module

  • Eject tray

  • MatiCard® Card Design and Production software

Matica C310 Military ID Tag Embosser

Standard Features

  • Removable automatic feed input hoppers for dog tags and medical alert tags (Feeding system automatically adjusts adjusts upon insertion of the hopper)

  • 60-character embossing drum with Simplex 2 type set

  • Eject tray 2-line x 40-character LCD panel and function keys

  • MatiCard ® card design and production software

  • Key lock security feature


  • 100 plates per hour (38 ch/plate)

  • 77 plates per hour (55 ch/plate)

Metal Plates Accepted

  • Dog Tag: 1.99 in. W x 1.10 in. D (50.5 mm W x 28 mm D)

  • Medical Alert Tag: 2.25 in W x 1.29 in. D (57.3 mm W x 32 mm D)

Plate Handling

  • Input hopper capacity - 200 plates

  • Output tray

Electrical Requirements

  • 100V, 60 Hz

  • 117V, 60 Hz

  • 230V, 50 Hz

  • 240V, 50 Hz

Operating System

  • Windows ® 2000 or XP


  • RS232-C serial port

Available Fonts

  • Simplex 2 type set

Memory and Data

  • Storable formats: 10

  • Data format: 15 fields of 32 characters each


  • 18.11 in. W x 17.91 in. D x 7.28 in. H (460 mm W x 455 mm D x 185 mm H)


  • 37.48 lbs. (17 ¿ kg)

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