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C 320

Compact, Sturdy & Entremely Affordable

Target Markets
Military, Aerospace, Steel & Metal Treatment Plants, Automobile Manufacturers, Shipyards, Electric Motors & Pump Mfrs, Cable Manufacturers

Model C320 has been specifically designed to provide low/medium volume metal marking applications with an electronic solution where, until today, the only low-cost alternatives have been manual systems.

The C320, while ideal for industrial applications that require lower processing speed then that offered by more expensive systems or as a back-up unit for larger systems, still offers the convenience of an automatic plate feeder mechanism and on-line capability.



The design of the C320 is not only compact and ergonomic, thus allowing it to fit into any office of factory environment, but also sturdy and resistant. The cover, made in a combination of aluminium and self-extinguishable plastic material, allows the C320 to withstand harsh industrial environments thus ensuring its perfect functioning over time.QUITE OPERATION

The C320 features a silent embossing mechanism can therefore be placed in any industrial or office environment without disturbing employees.


The C320 is equipped with an automatic loading hopper and finished plates are ejected through a side slot. The C320 can be configured for either embossing
or indent applications, using a wide choice of type styles, and the operator can manually adjust the machine for varying plate dimensions.


Data entry can either be performed through the supplied keyboard or via PC or host using the optional RS232 interface. The C320 incorporates the Xon Xoff
protocol and can easily be connected to any PC or host environment. The MatiCard® Windows-based Card Design software provides easy user interface between the operator and the model C320.

Technical Features

Productivity (45 ch/plate):

  • Up to 80 plates/hour

Recommended daily production:

  • 300 plates/day

Plate handling:

  • Universal plate feeder

  • Input hopper capacity: 200 plates (0.5 mm thickness)

  • Side Eject

  • Universal Clamp holder

Plate personalization:

  • Minimum plate dimensions (WxD): 30.5 mm x 20.3 mm

  • Maximum plate dimensions (WxD): 89 mm x 56 mm

  • Maximum embossing area (WxD): 82 mm x 56 mm

  • Maximum plate thickness:

  • Stainless (350 & 328 only): 0.4 mm

  • Aluminium (type styles 350 & 328): 0.5 mm

  • Aluminium (type style 488): 0.4 mm

  • Aluminium (type style 489): 0.9 mm

Embossing Drum Configuration:

  • Embossing drum: 60 characters

  • Standard type (alphanumeric): Simplex 2 (350)- 3. mm emboss

  • Optional type (alphanumeric):

  • Blocco USA (490)-

  • 0.40 mm emboss; Simplex 3 (489) 4 mm indent

  • Elite dog tag (328)- 3 mm deboss

Memory & Data:

  • Storable formats: 10

  • Data format: 15 fields for 32 characters ea.

  • Back-up battery: Lithium


  • Communication interface: RS232 serial port

  • Protocol: Xon/Xoff

Other Features:

  • Key-lock security feature

  • LCD Display (40 x 2) + 3 function keys

  • PC keyboard

  • Upgradeable Firmware: Via PC on Flash EPROM

  • MatiCard® Design Software (Windows® XP/2K)

  • Diagnostics and Set-up software

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 647.7 mm x 490.2 mm x 259.08 mm

  • Weight: 34 Kg

Power Requirements:

  • Electrical requirements: 100V~ 240V 50/60Hz


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