Matica C410 Metal Plate Embossing System Brochures

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Matica C410 Metal Plate Embossing Systems Brochure

Fast, Versatile and Easy To Use

The Matica C410 metal plate embosser is designed for heavy duty, continuous production, including very demanding automotive plants for VIN and body plates. With speeds up to 350 cards per hour, automatic feed and the ability to accommodate a large variety of plate sizes, materials, shapes and thickness the C410 system can meet your embossing and indent needs. To accommodate your specific metal plate requirements, the C410 embosser can be equipped with a variety of embossing wheels and font styles plus special fonts and custom logos can be manufactured upon request.

Target Markets
Military, Aerospace, Steel & Metal Treatment Plants, Automobile Manufacturers, Shipyards, Electric Motors & Pump Mfrs, Cable Manufacturers

Metal Plate Embossing Systems


The C410 comes equipped with an integrated, manually adjustable universal automatic plate feeder that can hold up to 250 plates (0.50 mm. thickness), the C410 is particularly suited for continuous medium- to high-volume production

Through the manually adjustable plate feeding mechanism, the C410 can easily accommodate plates of varying sizes and shapes and efficiently can be used to emboss different identification plates within the same production facility.

Once embossed, plates can either be placed in an external collection box through a side eject mechanism or stacked in a FIFO output stacker, offered as an option.


The C410 is equipped with a heavy duty embossing mechanism which includes a powerful high torque motor , high percussion embossing arms, hardened drum and special hardened fonts to tackle the hardest jobs.

The C410 is designed to personalize plates of various materials and thicknesses including steel, iron, aluminium, bronze and more with a result that meets the highest standards of quality.

To accommodate the many different requirements across industries, the C410 can be equipped with a large variety of embossing wheels and font styles. Embossing drum capacity ranges from 60 to 100 characters slots, and special drums are available for the automotive industry to accommodate specially designed fonts and dual sets of fonts. Standard font sizes range from 3 mm. to 12 mm. in height and most are available in embossing and indent. Special fonts and logos can be manufactured upon request.


The C410 is also equipped with a side-eject system with an external plate collection tray. This is particularly suited for those jobs where plate sizes and shapes frequently change.

.However, for larger volumes of a specified plate size, an optional FIFO stacker elevator mechanism is available. This option includes a time saving sensor which prevents machine operation when the FIFO stacker is full of embossed plates.


Data can be entered through a keyboard in an off-line mode, using the LCD display to view the information being typed. Thanks to the LAN connection (option) and to the RS232 port, the system can also be easily connected as a common office printer and operate online with a PC or host computer. An external LCD display provides the operator with continuous machine status and allows real time monitoring of the plate personalisation process.


The C410 runs on Maticard, Matica¿s innovative software that runs every Matica machine with a single program. Easy to use and easy to install, no longer do you have to suffer through multiple installations of software. One training is all you need, regardless of the type of the machine purchased.

Technical Features

Productivity (45 ch/plate):

  • Up to 350 plates/hour

Plate handling:

  • Input hopper capacity: 250 plates (0.5 mm thickness)

  • Side Eject or optional automatic variable FIFO elevator

  • Plate thickness from 0.4 to 0.9 mm

Plate personalization:

  • Minimum plate dimensions (WxD): 30 mm x 20 mm

  • Maximum plate dimensions (WxD): 120 mm x 90 mm

  • Maximum embossing area (WxD): 120 mm x 86 mm

  • Minimum embossing area (wxD): 30 mm x 16 mm

  • Non embossing area: 4mm from the bottom of the plate

Embossing Drum Configuration:

  • Embossing drum: 60 or 100 characters (special drums
    available upon request)

  • Major available type (alphanumeric):

    • Simplex 2 (350) - 3mm

    • Blocco USA (490) - 4mm

    • Blocco (488) - 5mm

    • Doppio Blocco (511) - 6mm (50 characters drum)

    • Doppio Blocco Lungo (611) - 8mm (50 characters drum)

    • Maxi Blocco (711) - 12mm (50 characters drum)


  • RS232 serial port

  • LAN - Ethernet (option)

  • Protocol: Xon/Xoff; Pound Pound, Multiembosser, Euro2, SEP

Other Features:

  • Key-lock security feature

  • LCD Display (40 x 2) + 3 function keys

  • PC keyboard

  • Upgradeable Firmware: Via PC on Flash EPROM

  • MatiCard® Design Software (Windows® XP/2K)

  • Diagnostics and Set-up software

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Width: 91 cm

  • Depth: 60 cm

  • Height: 42 cm

  • Weight: 70 Kg

Power Requirements:

  • Electrical requirements: 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz (auto sensing)

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