Matica Z10 Single Drum Card Issuance Embossing System Brochures

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Matica Z10 Single Drum Card Issuance Embossing System Brochures

The Z10 card issuance system is ideal for financial institutions, retailers, service bureaus, card manufacturers, insurance companies and others with mid-volume plastic card personalization requirements.

Matica Centralized Card Issuance Solution

The Matica Z10 system provides cost-conscious card issuers with the capabilities needed to issue high-quality personalized cards. The Z10 system offers embossing, encoding, front and rear indent printing, topping and
contact and contactless smart card personalization. This system is designed for mid-volume centralized card issuers who require reliability, flexibility, simplicity and high quality card production at speeds up to 600 cards per hour.

The MatiCard® Windows®-based card design and production software provides a user-friendly interface with quick and easy card design, database access and production logging. And, the Matica Z10 design makes it easy to maintain since all of the system components are within easy reach. The Z10 is available as a tabletop system or with a floor cabinet so it can easily fit into your card processing center¿s layout. Add the Matica labeler, floor cabinet and a Matica MS10 or MS20 in-line card mailer to complete the personalization and card delivery process.

The Z10 system includes:

  • Card input hopper

  • Magnetic stripe encoding

  • One emboss module

  • Topping

  • Output hopper

  • MatiCard® Card Design and Production software

Additional options available include:

  • Front indent printing

  • Rear indent printing

  • Contact/contactless smart card personalization (single or multi-station)

  • Card labeler module

  • Floor standing cabinet

Matica Z10 Card Issuance System
Standard Features


  • Automatic card feeder

  • Magnetic stripe encoding ¿ 300/2750/4000 OE HiCo/LoCo: Standard tracks 1, 2 & 3, ISO 7811

  • One 100-character embossing drum (not including type fonts)

  • Integrated electronic topper with ribbon cartridge

  • Vertical FIFO output stacker (eject system) for up to 200 embossed cards

  • Rejected cards tray

  • 2-line x 40-character LCD panel and three function keys

  • MatiCard ® card design and production software

  • Key lock security feature


  • Front indent module

  • Rear indent module

  • Single station smart card personalization

  • SDK (required for single station smart card option)

  • One multi-station smart card personalization module (with 5 personalization stations) includes readers and SDK.

  • Contactless smart card (MiFare¿) kit with SDK

  • Card labeler module (requires floor cabinet)

  • Floor standing cabinet (required for MS10/20 option and card labeler option)

  • Matica modular link to connect Z10 in-line with the MS10/20


  • Up to 600 cph (42 characters/card)

Plastic Cards Accepted

  • ISO std. CR80 ¿ .020 in. to .030 in. thickness (.51 mm to .76 mm)

Card Handling

  • Input hopper capacity - 250 cards

  • Output hopper capacity - approx. 200 embossed cards

  • Reject hopper

Electrical Requirements

  • 100V, 60 Hz

  • 117V, 60 Hz

  • 230V, 50 Hz

  • 240V, 50 Hz

Operating System

  • Windows ® XP or XP Professional


  • 1 RS232 serial port

  • 1 extra USB port for multi-station smart card module

Available Fonts

  • Standard Gothic and OCR7B emboss (52 alpha/num. characters)

  • Visa® Flying ¿V¿ emboss security character

  • Diners Club ¿D¿ emboss security character

  • OCRB1, OCRB4, OCRA1 indent

  • Visa ®/MasterCard® 0-9 CVV2 indent

  • Helvetica (American Express ®) indent

  • Special characters

Topping Foil

  • Black, gold, silver, white or blue topping foil ¿ (4,000 cards/roll based on 45 character card)


  • 46.10 in. W x 21.70 in. D x 15 in. H without cabinet (1171 mm W x 551 mm D x 381 mm H)

  • 46.1 in. W x 21.70 in. D x 46.50 in. H with cabinet (1171 mm W x 551 mm D x 1181 mm H)


  • 187 lbs. (105 kg) without cabinet

  • 341 lbs. (205 kg) with cabinet

For More Information:

CIM Maxima 841 - 621 MediCard series pdf Matica_Z10_Card_Issuance_System_Data_Sheet.pdf

CIM MDM series 1000 - 2000 pdf Matica_Z-Line_Card_Issuance_Systems_Overview_Data_Sheet.pdf

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