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Matica Z20T Personalization Card Issuance Embossing System

The Matica ¿ALL-IN-ONE¿ Solution

The Matica Z20T system adds speed and flexibility to your integrated card personalization program. With the two embossing modules included in this system, your card issuance speed is even higher - producing up to 800 cards per hour. The Matica Z20T includes all of the features you need to produce high-quality, fully personalized cards complete with encoding, embossing, indent printing, full-color graphics, photos or logos and smart card personalization. This highly productive system features the reliability, flexibility and rugged construction that have made Matica a highly qualified supplier to some of the largest card issuers worldwide.
The Z20T system includes:

  • Card input hopper

  • AdvanceClean card cleaning

  • Magnetic stripe encoding

  • Full-color or monochrome graphic printing

  • Two flip-over modules for dual sided printing

  • Two embossing modules

  • Topping

  • Output hopper

  • MatiCard Card Production software

Additional options available include:

  • Front indent printing

  • Rear indent printing

  • Contact/contactless smart card personalization (single or multi-station)

  • Card labeler module

  • Floor standing cabinet

Complete your Matica Z20T system by adding our MS10/MS20 in-line mailing system..

The Z20T card issuance system is ideal for financial institutions, retailers, service bureaus, governments, card manufacturers, insurance companies and others to produce fully personalized plastic cards.

Matica Z20T Personalization Card Issuance Embossing System

Technical Features

Standard features

  • Automatic card feeder
    Magnetic stripe encoding 300/2750/4000 OE HiCo/LoCo: Standard tracks 1, 2 & 3, ISO 7811

  • Graphic thermal printing module
    - Full color/monochrome
    - 300 dpi print resolution
    - Near edge-to-edge print area

  • AdvanceClean card cleaning system

  • Two flip-over modules for dual sided printing

  • Two 100-character embossing drums (not including type fonts)

  • Integrated electronic topper with ribbon cartridge

  • Vertical FIFO output hopper (eject system) for up to 200 embossed cards

  • Rejected cards tray

  • 2-line x 40-character LCD panel and three function keys

  • MatiCard Card Production software (complete and easy-to-use)

  • Key lock security feature


  • Front indent module

  • Rear indent module

  • Single station smart card personalization

  • SDK (required for single station smart card option)

  • Multi-station smart card personalization module (with 5 personalization stations) includes readers and SDK. Maximum of two modules for a total of 10 personalization stations

  • MiFare¿ Kit with SDK

  • Card Labeler module (requires floor cabinet)

  • Floor standing cabinet (required for MS10/20 option and Card Labeler option)

  • Matica modular link to connect Z20T in-line with MS10/20


  • Up to 800 cph (42 characters/card)

  • Color near edge-to-edge ¿ up to 120 cph

  • Color photo with half panel, front print ¿ up to 180 cph

  • Plastic cards accepted
    ISO std. CR80 ¿ .020 in to .030 thickness
    (.51 mm to .76 mm)

Card handling

  • Input hopper capacity - 250 cards

  • Output hopper capacity - 250 cards (approx 200 embossed cards)

  • Reject hopper

Electrical requirements

  • 100V, 60 Hz

  • 117V, 60 Hz

  • 230V, 50 Hz

  • 240V, 50 Hz


  • 1 RS232 serial port

  • 1 USB port

  • 1 extra USB port for multi-chip module

Available Fonts

  • Standard Gothic and OCR7B emboss (52 alpha/num. characters)

  • Visa ® Flying ¿V¿ emboss security character

  • Diners Club ¿D¿ emboss security character

  • OCRB1, OCRB4, OCRA1 indent

  • Visa ®/MasterCard® 0-9 CVV2 indent

  • Helvetica (American Express ®) indent

  • Special characters

Ribbon Types

  • Black monochrome ribbon (1,000 or 5,000 print/roll)

  • Red, blue, green, white, gold and silver monochrome ribbons (1,000 print/roll)

  • Scratch-off ribbon (1,000 cards/roll)

  • 5 panel YMCKO ribbon (200 or 700 images/roll)

  • Half-panel YMCKO ribbon ¿ photos (400 images/roll)

  • 6 panel YMCKOK ribbon (200 cards/roll)

  • 2 panel KO ribbon (500 images/roll)


  • 68¿ W x 21.70¿ D x 15¿ H without cabinet (1727mm W x 551 mm D x 381 mm H)

  • 68¿ W x 21.70¿ D x 46.50¿ H with cabinet (1727 mm W x 551 mm D x 1181 mm H)


  • 418 lbs. (190 kg) without cabinet

  • 748 lbs. (340 kg) with cabinet

CIM MDM series 1000 - 2000 pdfMatica_Z20T_Card_Issuance_System_Data_Sheet.pdf

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