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Matica Z30 Three Drum Card Issuance Embossing System

Three Drum Centralized Card Issuance System

The Z30 is also part of the totally new generation of card issuance systems from Matica, specifically designed for cost conscious service bureaus, card manufacturers and financial institutions for mid- and high- volume centralized card issuance programs.

This highly productive system features a third embossing drum designed to make the card personalization process as fast and as efficient as possible.

Target Markets
Financial Institutions, Service Bureaus, Retailers, Card Manufacturers, Governments, Insurance Companies

Matica Z20 Three Drum Card Issuance Embossing System

Up To 1000 Cards Per Hour
Through a highly effective card transportation and embossing mechanism composed of 3 embossing modules, productivity levels reach up to 1000 cards/hour . The systems have been designed to maximize operator efficiency and reduce issuance costs

Magnetic Stripe Encoding
The Z30 integrates an ISO 7811 magnetic stripe encoder (HiCo/LoCo ¿ 3 tracks).

Single Or Multi-Chip Smart Card
The Z30 can incorporate a single smart card contact or Matica¿s new revolutionary Smart Card Personalization module which can simultaneously personalize up to 10 smart cards.

EMV Smart Card Personalization
Matica partners with some of the largest smart card industry solution providers to offer complete EMV card personalization solutions.

The Z30 can incorporate an RFID Mifare reader to read or personalize contact-less type of cards.

The Z30 integrates the card tipper module for which a wide range of colors (black, gold, silver, blue, etc.) are available.

Maticard Production Software
The MatiCard® Windows-based Card Design software provides easy user interface between the operator and the unit.

Floor Cabinet
Model Z30 is supplied as a freestanding floor unit incorporating a cabinet with storage capacity for cards and consumables as well as a support for an external monitor and keyboard.

Mailer In-Line
The Z30 can be linked to the MS10 or MS20 mailing systems to provide a complete and secure full personalization process.

CIM MDM series 1000 - 2000 pdfMatica_Z30_Card_Issuance_System.pdf

CIM MDM series 1000 - 2000 pdfMatica_Z-Line_Card_Issuance_Systems_Overview_Data_Sheet.pdf

Technical Features

Productivity (42 ch/card):

  • up to 1000 cph

Card handling:

  • Input hopper capacity: 250 cards

  • Output hopper capacity: 250 cards (approx. 200 embossed)

  • Reject cards hopper

  • Cards format: ISO Std. CR80 - 0.76 mm

Card Personalization:

  • Magnetic stripe encoding ISO 7811

  • Two transport modules for in-field Multi-Chip module upgrade

  • Three embossing drums: 80, 100 characters or 114 characters (53 emboss + 61indent)

  • Tipper module with ribbon saving feature (122 mt)


  • Front infillers device

  • Rear infillers device

  • Single Smart Card Station

  • RFID Mifare Station

  • One (or two) Multi-Chip smart card module:

    • 5 contact stations with USB Smart Card Reader (PCSC Driver)

    • USB HUB

Available Fonts:

  • Std. Gothic and OCR7B emboss

  • OCRB1 and OCRB4 front indent

  • OCRA1 and CVV2 rear indent

  • Visa Flying ¿V¿ , country specific and other embossing/indent types

Communication Interface:

  • 1 RS232 serial port

  • 1 or 2 extra USB ports for Multi-Chip modules


  • MatiCard Design® Software for Windows® 2K/XP

  • Diagnostics and set-up software included

Other Features:

  • Key-lock security feature

  • 3 LCD display (40x2) + 3 function keys

  • Upgradeable Firmware via PC on Flash EPROM

  • Floor support cabinet

  • Monitor and keyboard support

Dimensions (incl. floor support):

  • Height: 46.49" (1181 mm)

  • Width: 82.59" (2098 mm)

  • Depth: 21.69" (551 mm)

  • Weight (Incl floor support): 529.1 lbs. (240 Kg)

Power Requirements:

  • Electrical requirements: 100V~240V 50/60Hz

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