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Name Badge Printer

With name badge printers, companies can present their new employees with identification cards quickly. During an employee's first few days of work, he may have to go through a number of orientation activities. If he has a name badge with a photograph, he and other new employees will be able to identify each other more easily. "...Thanks to the low cost of plastic cards, name badges can be printed rapidly and affordably for interns or full-time workers."

Benefits of Owning Name Badge Printers

While name badge printers can be used to create ID cards, these cards have a number of uses beyond simply identifying individuals.

  • Plastic cards may have magnetic strips that can be encoded with information.

  • These cards can be used to provide access to offices, and access rights can be updated quickly without printing new name badges.

  • By incorporating this level of security into name badges, companies can save money on the cost of creating keys and replacing those that are lost.

  • Electronic systems can also provide companies with a log of their employees' activities.

Depending on the size of the company and the rate at which employees are hired, the company can select the appropriate name badge printer and purchase the supplies needed to maintain it. In addition to being used to identify employees, name badge printers can also be useful at conferences and other meetings, letting organizers create name badges prior to the event or at the time of registration.

All ID carries a large selection of name badge printers. In addition to the hardware, the company also has supplies and accessories for machines from major manufacturers.



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