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Nisca ID Card Printers

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Nisca ID Card Printers

Organizations searching for a reliable means to print plastic ID cards will find a number of desirable features available in Nisca printers. Unlike some ID card printers that are intended to be portable, these printers are designed for large production runs without sacrificing quality. Nisca ID card printers do not take up a large amount of space because the machines feature a vertical design. As a result, they can be placed in work areas where there is limited space.

Features of Nisca ID Card Printers

There are many advanced features on Nisca ID card printing machines. The printers feature full-color printing on both sides of the plastic cards. Their entry-level machine produces nearly 100 cards per hour. "...In addition to the size and speed of the machines, Nisca also offers superior print quality." On some of the Nisca machines, operators can print fonts as small as two points and still obtain legible ID cards. Another advantage of choosing from Nisca machines is that the ink can be changed in just a few minutes. Additionally, Nisca ID card printers can encode magnetic strips with relevant information. The machines can also be upgraded to encode RFID tags.

At All ID, organizations will find plastic ID card printers from companies such as Nisca, CIM, DataCard and Fargo. The company carries software packages and accessories that organizations can purchase to maintain the functionality of their machines, and their expert staff offers service on all the printers the company sells.



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