NISCA PR5100 & PR5200 ID Card Printers Brochure

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NISCA PR5100 and PR5200 ID Card Printers

NISCA, the premier name in PVC card printing technology, has engineered the PR5100; a versatile, full-featured, reliable and cost effective plastic card printer that sets new price/performance industry standards. With or without available options such as magnetic stripe encoding, security/ hologram overlays, and heavy-duty "patch" lamination, the PR5100 stands alone as the ideal solution to your identification card printing needs.

If an overlay is required, a parallel processing feature enables cards to be produced every minute and 18 seconds with the overlay. Parallel processing allows the printer to process a card while previous cards are being laminated in the heat roller. Both pieces of equipment are capable functioning simultaneously and independently!

Standard Dual Side Printing
The PR5100 and the PR5200 are the only ID card printers on the market that print on both sides of the card on one pass. This feature has been standardized to address the concerns of our customers who purchase the PR5100 or PR5200. In most cases, users require the ability to print pictures, names, addresses, barcodes, and a wide-range of variable data on both sides of a card. In addition, the ability to encode on a magnetic stripe or IC chip is also essential. For these reasons, Nisca has recognized the flexibility of dual-side printing as not an option but a necessity.

Dual Coercivity Encoder Module
The optional encoding unit was designed with the ability to encode both high and low coercivity magnetic stripes. The encoder installs within minutes in the lower level of the printer. The adjustment for the type of magnetic stripe is made through the LCD control panel, after which point, the rest of the process is automatic!!!

Optional Overlay Station
The optional heat roller, model number PR5101, is specifically designed to apply either a thick polyester (0.001" thick) overlay, or a holographic overlay (0.0001" thick). Each is available with or without added security features and is designed to increase card durability. Having recognized the drastic differences between these two types of materials, as well as the manner with which they affect cards, Nisca has specifically designed overlay stations for use with either of these materials. This is contrary to most other manufacturers who claim that their printer can produce cards with either material in a single unit. After extensive studies, Nisca's engineers have come to the conclusion that this is not the case. When purchasing a heat roller, the user should specify the type of overlay materials that they require and utilize equipment specifically designed to apply it.

The overlay station hooks directly to the printer and is connected via an attached RS532 cable for data relay. The printer automatically recognizes the heat roller as soon as it is attached and will employ any preset commands that have been provided. Adjustments can be made again through the use of the LCD control panel.


  • Includes a Standard SCSI Interface

  • Switchable 2 frame memory to receive both sides of a card at once

  • Automatic Dual-Side Printing

  • Ribbons/Ribbon Cartridge

  • Two Frame Memory

  • Easily replaceable ribbon cartridge

  • Innovative Internal Self-Diagnostic

  • YMCKO,YMCK, and KO dye diffusion and resin black ribbons

  • Snap In/Out Ribbon Cartridge

  • Holographic overlay for high security (optional)

  • Self Aligning Printhead Module

  • Thicker overlaminate (0.001") for durable protection (optional)

  • Optional Internal Stripe Encoder

  • Communication Interface

  • Print Technology

  • SCSI standard interface for fast data transfer

  • Dye diffusion, 16.7 million full colors, thermal printing technique

  • Proprietary interface for optional unit and third party unit integration

  • 300 dot per inch print resolution

  • Switchable TWO frame memory

  • Infrared readable resin black print for text and bar codes

  • Information feed back capability through the SCSI interface

  • Printing time for one single-sided card is approximately 30 seconds

  • LCD Panel

  • Easily replaceable snap in/out print head unit

  • Print status information/Diagnostic information

  • JIS x 6301/CR-80 PVC card (dimensions of 54 mm x 85.5 mm average)

  • Ribbon format setting

  • Card thickness: 0.76 mm (0.030") +/-10% thickness

  • Two card counters - Resettable/Non-resettable

  • Print head designed to reduce damage from defective card stock

  • Optional Units/Modules

  • Dual Side Printing

  • High/Low coercivity ISO compatible magnetic stripe encoder/verifier

  • Two internal flip turn modules are standard

  • Heat roller unit for security laminations

Physical Characteristics
Height: 14.9 in (378 mm)
Width: 18.7 in. + 4.57 in (output tray) (476 mm + 116 mm )
Depth: 13.8 in (350 mm)
Weight: 50 lb (23 kg)

Power Source
110/220V automatic switching @ 50/60Hz
Heat roller unit for security laminations
Environmental Data
Acoustic Noise: 60dB max.
Operational temperature: 10-35 deg C
Operational humidity: 35-80% RH non-condensing

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