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Plastic Card Embosser

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Plastic Card Embosser

There are a number of ways organizations can employ plastic card embossers. Credit and debit cards are perhaps the most recognizable products made using embossers, as the digits in the account number are embossed on the plastic card. In the early days of credit cards, carbon paper could be used to create an imprint of the card for record keeping. The same technique is still used today by many companies, with administrators using similar embossed plastic cards to provide the necessary documentation on forms related to their budgets.

Using Embossers to Create Plastic ID Cards

"...In addition to being used for financial records, plastic card embossers can also be used to produce ID cards." These are common in the health care industry. Insurance companies may issue embossed plastic cards to policyholders. These cards are often more durable than those that are just printed on paper.

CIM is among the most popular companies that manufacture plastic card embossers. They offer both manual embossers and automatic embossers. The company also manufactures multi-function systems, which allow organizations to print and emboss plastic cards. They can also encode information onto a magnetic strip, so that imprints can be created electronically or by using carbon paper.

All ID offers a large selection of plastic ID card printing machines and embossers from manufacturers such as DataCard, Nisca, CIM and Fargo. The company's representatives can also provide customers with assistance to ensure that they select the right machine based on the budget available and the volume of work that they expect to perform.



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