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Plastic ID Card Printers

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Plastic ID Card Printers

When attending a conference, guests are often given name tags. These may be printed on pieces of paper and placed in protective sleeves. Constructing them, however, can be very time consuming if there are many members attending an event. Plastic ID cards offer a more durable alternative to other types of name badges, and can be created with ease by specialized printers.

Options When Choosing a Plastic ID Card Printer

There are many features that should be considered when selecting a plastic ID card printer.

  • While some models are small and can be moved with ease, these units often do not produce identification badges as quickly as larger machines.

  • Conference organizers may consider monochrome printers, which can be less costly than systems that produce full-color badges.

  • At the time that they purchase an ID card printer, they may also choose to purchase software and cameras to take photos and design card backgrounds.

  • "...Some plastic ID card printers allow information to be added to a magnetic strip on plastic cards." These can be used by membership organizations to track purchases and rewards, or to provide guests with controlled access to different venues.

  • When examining the cost of different plastic ID card printers, it is important to consider the cost of supplies, including overlaminate, ink and cleaning materials.

All ID offers a wide array of printers from top manufacturers including Fargo, CIM and Nisca. In addition to small and large printers and portable units, the company also carries supplies and offers maintenance services.



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