Polaroid Id Card Maker Software Comparison

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Unicode support ¿ non-English character sets in data entry, storage and printing x x x x
Ultraviolet (UV) topcoat panel printing support x x x Printer Driver
Configurable production Login timeout x x x  
Maintain field position for copied card/report fields x x x  
Import/Export button in Production List field Type x x x  
Secure user name and password for database and projects x x x  
Crop and adjust existing photos x x x  
Table view of data and photos in production x x x  
Lock card fields from mouse/keyboard actions x x x x
Lightweight(LDAP)for Microsoft®Active Directory®directory service  x      
Full design, production and reporting package x x x  
Smart Card support SDK SDK    
Proximity Card support Plug-in Plug-in    
Capture photos, signatures and other identity information x x Photo Only Photo Only
Data entry and retrieval, search and retrieve personal data x x x Quick Search 
Multiple security levels in ID Card Maker Administrator x x x  
Prepare photo IDs and reports for printing x x x IDs Only
Design and customize production forms x x x Limited
Auto create databases x x x x
Supports multiple capture devices including TWAIN interface and Video for Windows® x x x x
Print cards and reports x x   Cards Only
Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding x x Mag Only Mag Only
Field connections copied on duplicated card/report x x x  
Displays field name and type for selected field x x x  
Supported operating systems: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional and Windows® XP x x x x
Polaroid-supported ODBC-compliant databases tested
Oracle® 9i and 10g x x    
Microsoft® Access 2003, 2002, 2000 x x x 2000 only
Operates with most ODBC databases x x    
Stored search toolbar name drop-down list up to 10 searches x x x  
Drawing shapes for card design x x x  
Set up card photo field backdrop removal x x x  
Set text attributes across multiple fields x x x  
ID Card Maker application toolbar to simplify moving among applications x x x  
Update/delete all selected records x x x  
Multiple undo/redo levels x x x x
Card reprint privilege in Administrator x x x  
Create Audit Log & Audit Log export x x x  
Imports/exports of projects x x x  
Retain aspect ratio on corner drag field resize x x x  
Report block header and footer enhancements x x x  
Customized report design for text and/or images x x x  
Set up user-defined card size: CR50, CR80, or custom x x x CR-80 only
Advanced and named searches x x x  
Set up variable and static text fields x x x x
Word wrap option for static text x x x  
Text field masking x x x  
Default data value for production form text fields x x x  
Multiple bar code support  22 with Binary PDF 417 21   9
Set up auto sequence field x x x  
Modify auto sequence field value on update x x x  
Allow editing of auto sequence field length x x x  
Auto new record mode x x x  
User-selectable photo file storage format x x x JPEG only
Set up auto-insert user name and system date x x x  
Set up time option in date field x x x  
Auto-create Production Form from badge design and adjust form size properties x x x  
Set up original graphics size DPI x x x  
Save JPEG at fixed file size x x x  
JPEG 2000 option for photo field storage x x x  
Set up searchable option for production form fields x x x  
Set up font sizing and colors  x x x x
Set up custom onscreen graphics and logos on Production Form x x x  
Set up user-definable tab order x x x x
Create border for card and report photo fields  x x x  
Ghosted field options for photo and card graphics x x x  
Set up rotation for production form static text and static graphic fields  x x x  
Multiple field selection and alignment options x x x  
In-production capture device and card printer selection options  x x x x
In-production image import and export (.bmp, .eps, .jpg, .pct, .pcx, .png, .psd, .tga, .tif, .wmf) x x x Limited
Search capability for numeric and date fields x x x  
Text file to Microsoft® Access import in Administrator & Access to text file export x x x  
Create multiple images per record  x x x  
Documentation, installation,training, and technical phone support x x x  
Sample photos and projects included x x x x
Full user audit trail x x x  
Allow/prevent write access to specified fields x x x  
Set up data-driven card production x x    
Auto-create Microsoft® Access 2000 database x x x x
Supports databases with multiple tables x x    
SDK support x x    
Simultaneous batch print of multiple card formats x x    
Based on Microsoft® Win-32® API and developed in Visual Studio.NET 2005 x x x x
Card designs per project Unlimited Unlimited One One
Photo fields per card design Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited One
Store images as BLOBs or files Photo,Signature, Binary Photo, Signature    
Photo Transparent color option for static and variable graphics fields x x    
Create Production Form from card design  x x    
Preview graphics in Open File dialog  x x    
Print Count field  x x    
Support for database schema names x x    
Add photos to a read-only database  x x    
Number of database tables per project Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited One
Evaluation mode with watermark  x x x x
Zoom in/out of card and report design windows  x x x  
Option to store Access Database in project directory  x x x  
Option to display Production Form field in table view  x x x  
Encrypt project database password  x x x  
Retrieve records from ¿Today¿ and ¿This Week¿ x x    
Check Box field x x    
Copy card and report designs between projects x x    
Option to clear selected record set x x    
Plug-in for SASI and Life touch  x      
Advanced Composite field options  x      
Batch import/export of photos and images from Production  x      
Underline option to text-based card fields  x x    
Allow overwrite of duplicate records during text import  x x x x
Select records for database to text export  x x x  
Read-only field appearance  x x x  
Variable bitmap/graphic  x x x  
Card printing with Windows legacy printer plug-in x x x  
Auto-assign PCID plug-in for Polaroid printers  x x    
XP theme look & feel to main application x x x x
IDCM Printer laminator control  x x x x
Enhanced user password security¿expiration after X days and stores last 4 passwords  x      
Software license key  x x x x
Online help and reference library x x x  

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