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Unlock the power of a truly integrated ID card solution with Polaroid ID systems. Our software, printers and capture solutions comprise a full line of truly integrated systems while offering the flexibility to combine them in the configuration that¿s right for you.

ID Card Maker software products work flawlessly with our printers and create a seamless work flow for your organization. Unique benefits of Polaroid¿s ID systems include:
¿ Printers, software and supplies built to work together as truly integrated, turnkey systems
¿ Multiple system configurations to meet all ID program needs
¿ Flexible, customizable tools that help you easily upgrade and expand your system¿s capabilities
¿ Intuitive image and signature capture methods
¿ High-quality printers with supplies made specifically to optimize card printing results
¿ World-class service and support¿one contact for all your ID card system needs
Choose from one of our standard pre-configured systems, or configure your own system to meet your organization¿s precise needs.

P4000 and P3000 Photo ID Card Printers
No matter which Photo ID Card Printer you choose for your system, you¿ll get sharp, crisp printing; compact , portable design; and easy printer setup and user friendly operation. Both the P4000 and P3000 are also upgradeable to include magnetic stripe encoding, and feature fully-integrated, high-quality supplies.

P4000 P3000
Color & monochrome printing Color & monochrome printing
Dual-sided, edge-to-edge printing Single-sided, edge-to-edge printing
Print up to 180 full color or 700 monochrome cards per hour Print up to 120 full color or 500 monochrome cards per hour
300 dpi print resolution 300 dpi print resolution
Automatic card feeding Automatic card feeding
Multiple bar code options Multiple bar code options
Easy-to-change ribbons Easy-to-change ribbons
Magnetic and dual smart card encoding optional
Magnetic and dual smart card encoding optional
Bi-directional USB standard Bi-directional USB standard
Optional Bi-directional ethernet network interface with LCD display
Optional secure locking input hoppers
Optional HID Proximity Card reader  

For full specifications on Polaroid printer and software products, please refer to the product specifications brochures.
ID Card Maker Software
Coupled with our high-quality Photo ID Card Printers, Polaroid¿s multiple configurations for the three levels of ID Card Maker Software¿Elite, Expert and Enhanced¿give you the flexibility to build the system that¿s right for you.

ID Card Maker Elite ID Card Maker Expert ID Card Maker Enhanced
Most advanced Polaroid ID software Full suite of data management, design and card production features Complete package for startup ID programs
Proximity, smart card and biometric programs Smart card and proximity card encoding Create and produce card and report designs
Advanced security features Secure production of ID cards Easy, secure entry and retrieval of data
Magnetic stripe encoding Magnetic stripe encoding Magnetic stripe encoding
Easily get ID data using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for Microsoft® Active Directory® plus all database connectivity of Expert Easy creation of and connectivity with wide range of databases: SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, IBM Universal Server Connect with Microsoft Access 2000-2003
SDK option for customization SDK option for customization  
Plug-in option for SASI Plug-in option for SASI  
Plug-in option for Lifetouch Plug-in option for Lifetouch  
Binary PDF 417 bar code support    

ID Card Maker Image Capture
Polaroid¿s Image Capture software integrates completely with ID Card Maker Elite and Expert, enabling you to easily expand the capabilities of your card production system.

Image Capture
Powerful add-on to ID Card Maker Elite and Expert
Easy-to-use tool for capturing photos and other images
Live video preview of images
Fast, one-click image capture
Manual and auto-crop capabilities
Remote capture
Utilizes a variety of Canon cameras

ID Card Maker Signature Capture
Allows you to quickly capture high-quality signatures for your cards and database. Signature Capture is optional with the ID Card Maker Expert and Elite Edition software, and is integrated to work with the Topaz 1x5 Signature Pad.


Count on Polaroid Commercial ID Systems to help you create a photo ID program that will serve your needs today and tomorrow. With a full line of innovative, expandable ID systems and comprehensive customized professional services and solutions, the Polaroid ID Systems team can help you design and implement your ID program. Polaroid¿s ID experts provide the customer service expected of a world-class brand for all Commercial ID products and solutions. To learn more about Polaroid Commercial ID Systems products and services, contact us today.

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