Polaroid P2500S single-sided full color card printer

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Reliable, SecureShield™ Overlay enabled, and easy-to-use - the P2500S is the most affordable Polaroid ID card printer. Size and weight are reduced in this compact design which delivers consistent card print quality and rewrite capability at a great price. The SecureShield™ Overlay technology enables hologram printing which provides card security without adding cost. The P2500S contains a 3-color LED light indicating current status and includes options for magnetic stripe and contact/contactless smart card encoding.

  • Supports Patented SecureShield™ Hologram Printing

  • Full 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Rewrite and Full Color Printing

  • Compact and Portable

  • Printer Driver Image Sharpening

  • 3 Color LED Light Status Indicator

  • USB Connectivity

  • Optional: Mag Stripe and Smart Card Encoder

Works with:

  • Polaroid High-Quality Ribbons and Cleaning Supplies

  • ID Card Maker v5.3, v6.0 & v6.5; CardCoach ID Ultra, Pro, & Express, CardsOnline ID Platform, or any printing application

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