Polaroid P4500S Simplex full color ID card printer

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The Polaroid P4500S features a unique, state-of-the-art configuration that allows a user to upgrade a single-sided P4500S to a dual-sided card printer at any time by placing a specially coded dye film into the printer - no need for additional hardware or tools. It is a seamless upgrade performed by customers which takes seconds and enables dual-sided printing immediately. The dye film is simply an encoded YMCKOK printer ribbon which is programed to enable the duplexer that already exists in the printer. Purchase a single-sided P4500S now if dual-sided printing might be a future requirement. The P4500S also provides visual security for printed cards with its SecureShield™ Overlay anti-copying watermark. Unlike expensive holographic laminates, the Polaroid SecureShield™ Overlay does not add printing cost. Choose from (5) security designs to protect your cards or turn off the security feature if desired.

  • Supports Patented SecureShield™ Hologram Printing

  • Unique Single-to-Dual-Sided Upgrade (Drop Special Ribbon into the Printer to Upgrade)

  • Full 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Rewrite and Full Color Printing

  • Automatic or Manual Card Feed

  • Printer Driver Image Sharpening

  • LCD with Simple Menu Instructions

  • USB Connectivity

  • Optional: Mag Stripe and Smart Card Encoder

Works with:

  • Polaroid High-Quality Ribbons and Cleaning Supplies

  • ID Card Maker v5.3, v6.0 & v6.5; CardCoach ID Ultra, Pro, & Express, CardsOnline ID Platform, or any printing application

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 Operating Systems

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