Questions to know when on Purchasing an ID Card Printer

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Once you have decided it is time to implement your own ID card printing system.  There are questions you need to ask yourself.  With these questions, they should help you pick the best ID card printer to suit all your needs.

Do you need to print Monochrome or full color cards?

Monochrome: print using a single color, usually black but can be other colors

  • Advantage: Much cheaper than full color and prints faster.

  • Disadvantage: Uses only one color.

Color: print using multiple colors

  • Advantage: Eye catching realistic photos on your ID cards.

  • Disadvantage: Color printing cost much more and takes longer to print.

Do you need a Single-Sided or Dual-Sided ID Card Printer?

Single-Sided: the printer only prints on one sided of the card.

  • Advantage:  printers are cheaper and print faster

  • Disadvantage: it only prints on one side, if you need to print on both sides you need to have it pass through again.

Dual-Sided: prints on both sides of the card

  • Advantage:  only one step for printing on both sided.

  • Disadvantage: the printer cost more than a single-sided printer and takes longer to print each card.

What kind of features do you need?

Magnetic Strip: same as credit cards the black strip on the back of the card store information.

  • Advantage:  the ability to store data on the card.

  • Disadvantage: the cost for the cards with the cost more for the magnetic strip also the magnetic strip can looses its information when exposed to a magnet.

Smart Card: are able to store data on a memory chip on the card itself.

  • Advantage:  stores much more data then a Magnetic strip and is more secure.

  • Disadvantage: The cost for the cards with the smart chip cost much more along with the feature of the smartcard encoder.

Lamination: applies a vinyl coating on both sided of the card.

  • Advantage:  can add 4 to 5 years on the life of your cards.

  • Disadvantage: added on the extra cost for the lamination ribbon it takes longer to print cards.

Do you need a service plan?

Repair cost can cost upwards of 50% of the cost of your printer.  Most service plans will cover the basic ware and tare and any major damage. All ID provide customers full service installation, training, as well as preventative and emergency on-site or depot maintenance service with fast turn around on all repairs for: ID Card Printers, Card Embossers, Imprinters, Cameras, and Barcode Label Printers

Once you know the correct question to ask, you will have a much easer time picking the type of ID card printer you need. To help you out on finding the proper ID card printer we have made a questionnaire that you could go through or you could talk to a sales retrospective to further help you. Visit our Questionnaire to pick the right ID card printer

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