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Securities in schools are becoming increasingly difficult these days.  With theft by students and faculty you need something that will insure you know where equipment is at and who has it. Keep track on activity¿s or special events. With school identity cards it is as easy as showing the identity card to know who they are and what they can do. 

Applications can include:

  • Identification, Security and or Security Access - ID photo cards w/ bar coded, magnetic strip or smart card.

  • Student Purchases - Student ID cards w/ refillable accounts or gift cards for purchases in the student store.

  • Library - Student ID cards w/ bar coded or magnetic strip student number will work with most library systems

  • Cafeteria - Schools can keep track of benefits with cafeteria programs.

  • Student Activity or Fund Raiser Cards - Create student activity cards or fund raiser Cards for special events.

Identification, Security and or Security Access
Keep learning your number one concern. With a full school identity card system you can take security off your list. Nothing facilitates learning quite like a safe, secure school environment. In schools today, the ability to positively identify the individuals as quick as possible is key to campus security. A full-color photo identity card for faculty, staff, and students identifies those who are supposed to be on campus and those who are not. Visitor badges can be handed out to keep track all who visit.

Adding intelligence to your card such as bar code, magnetic stripe, or smart card allows them to be used for security access doors. The security access doors can be used for faculty buildings, resident halls, parking areas, and labs etc. Simply just swipe, scan, or present the card to the sensor and the door will open. Complete traffic records can be kept for each access point. Cards can be turned off and on as staff or student come in, loses or leaves school.  Identity cards can even be used to log into computers. With smart card capabilities, students can log onto computers and be limited to certain servers or applications based on their identity.

Student Purchases
Magnetic stripe or smart card allows staff and students to use their cards as debit cards. Or create your own gift cards that can only be used in your student stores.

Books, movies, laundry, copying, vending machines, phone bills, the list is only limited by your imagination. Some schools have gone so far as to print up calling cards in varying dollar increments for sale on campus.  With bar code or magnetic stripe, the student¿s identification number is read off of the card and compared to a database where student accounts are stored. With smart cards, student information and monetary value is encoded right on the card itself

Automated systems for library¿s have expand what they offer, bar coding continues to be in use as identifying books and library patrons. A simple bar code printed on your student cards, shows the time of check-out, also speeds up students through the line. You library staff will thank you for it. Student ID bar codes are compatible with most library software programs.

Student photo ID cards offer schools benefits with cafeteria programs. There is no need for cash in the cafeteria, through the use of student ID cards. Students on special lunches or low cost lunches can be monitored easer. With student ID cards, it¿s difficult to know who is getting special or free lunches.

There are additional benefits to school cafeteria cards. This includes information that is immediately available to cafeteria staff to control inventory or help parent control cost. Students prepay for lunches by check or through the subsidized lunch program. When the student¿s card is scanned at the cafeteria check-out, the bar code system warns the users when their balance is running low. It can also alert cafeteria workers of a student's food allergies. Parents can specify what they do not want their child to use the money for and can receive reports of everything their child has purchased!

Through the bar code or magnetic strip Student ID cards can be encoded with varying levels of intelligence. Student¿s identification numbers are stored on an electronic chip of the smart card. With bar code or magnetic stripe, the student¿s identification number is read off of the card and tied to a central database where student information and account is stored. With magnetic stripe or smart cards, student information and/or monetary value is encoded right on the card itself.

Student Activity or Fund Raiser Cards
Fund Raiser Cards are great for creativity and are a fun way to raise funds for your school activities.

Go to Merchant in your area and offer them advertisment on your cards for discounts or special privileges. Then Design a full color card listing all the participating merchants along with your school and activity name and logo. The cards cost between $0.40 - $0.50 each to make and you can sell them in the community for as much as $20. And you only print as many as you need.

Other fun and creative cards include team schedule cards, activity passes, and community cards¿your only limited by your imagination as to how you can put an ID Card System to work for you!

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