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Screen Check Polaroid Commercial ID Systems
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CardCoach NET Enterprise CardsOnline for Multi-site Entities
CardCoach NET Enterprise is an Identification Credential Management System designed for multi-campus businesses. It is a web-based product for decentralized personal data capture and centralized or decentralized ID card printing. ID credentials are easily produced for an unlimited number of card applications at each site. Produce cards for employees, frequent vendors, and temporary visitors¿the card applications are endless. All data is hosted on an end user pri- Create Cards for multi-site
entities locally at each site or centralized
vate server, and is only accessed via the application. Data is added and edited by individual users within the different card applications that are given access to the system by site administrators. Data agents are available to auto-populate the card database from an existing database, and photos are captured during the badging process or also uploaded by the data agent. Pre-designed badge templates can be saved and shared with the other sites within the CCNET application.

  • Web-based system

  • Decentralized personal data capture

  • Batch print centralized or decentralized

  • Compatible with auto-crop IntelliTWAIN camera

  • ¿Silo¿ based system created by host

  • Versatile system for large multi-site entity

  • Unlimited sites

  • Unlimited concurrent users

  • Unlimited card application at each site

  • No local ID Software install

  • Intuitive card layout designer


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