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Screen Check Polaroid Commercial ID Systems
North America

PockeTracker K12
Capable of wireless, on-line, and of-line functionalities: this solution makes tracking fun, fast, and efficient.

Increase SECURITY and SAFETY. IDENTIFY and allocate resources MONITOR attendance and REWARD frequent participation. GATHER demographic and statistical DATA.



The PockeTracker K-12 is an exciting handheld device that displays student information from anywhere on campus. Want to check a student's schedule? Just zap their card with PockeTracker's built-in barcode reader and the information is instantly displayed. Want to issue a warning slip to a student running in the halls? Zap their card and PockeTracker registers the chosen infraction and instantly prints a warning slip from the palm of your hand. This is one example from a myriad of customizable options ranging from a point-based reward system to a complex, interwoven disciplinary and auto-detention assigning system that is fully customizable. Monitoring the halls has never been easier!

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